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Top 10: Expensive cars with mainstream parts

Nissan headlamps on a Lamborghini? Volkswagen tail lights on an Aston Martin? Manufacturers of prestigious models (from sportsters to supercars) are renowned for using components from the mass-produced car market.

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MG XPower SV (Fiat Punto headlamps)

The most expensive production MG was always something of a mongrel, being based around Italy’s Qvale Mangusta but powered by an American (ex-Ford) 4.6 V8 pushing out 320bhp – or 385bhp in 5.0-litre SV-R flagship guise. Then there were its lights, with headlamps borrowed from the MkII Fiat Punto and rear lamps from the Fiat Coupe.

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JH72    on 18 September 2017

The Aston DB7 used Mazda 323F rear lights

GGEO1UK    on 20 January 2019

Also McLaren F1 has FWD Lotus Elan indicators and Lotus Esprit up to S4 has Morris Marina door handles ??

djmgw    on 21 January 2019

Citroen CX wing mirrors on many low volume cars in the 80's being pedestal mounted, electrically adjusted and heated.

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