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Top 10: Convertibles for £10,000 to buy in 2021

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is shining (well, occasionally), the days are longer and many an enthusiast’s thoughts turn to open-air motoring classic motoring. But there is a problem: rising prices over the last few years mean many of the classic convertibles that were once reassuringly affordable now demand a major outlay.

Don’t worry though, with a budget of no more than £10,000 (and in some cases, considerably less) you can still become the proud owner of a classic or modern-classic sports car that’s guaranteed to turn heads and entertain you in equal measure.

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Panther Kallista

A budget of £10,000 won’t buy a decent classic Morgan these days, but it will stretch to the next best thing for fans of retro-style roadsters. Based around the previous Lima model, the 1982-90 Kallista offered a choice of 1.6- or 2.9-litre (V6) Ford power and was a surprisingly strong performer.

It may not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey but the Kallista is a solidly engineered car with a modern-classic appeal of its own. Best of all, your £10k spend limit will buy an excellent example with a sensible mileage and a decent history.


   on 4 June 2018

would add you can get a cracking SL R129 for this money??

Rod marklew    on 4 July 2018

Always amazed the TR7 in DHC form never makes these list, but maybe not as possibly the prices would go up and spoil the fun for those in the know, it wasn't the best selling TR for nothing.

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