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Top 10: Classics on the rise in 2014

Thanks to various anniversaries, these could be in the spotlight in the coming 12 months. We've pulled out our crystal ball, and look at 10 classic cars set to make you a tidy profit if you own one, or decide to buy during 2014...

We're predicting that 2014 will be the year of the Japanese classic, because it marks the quarter century of a number of truly groundbreaking cars from the Far East. Given that 1989 will seem a bit too recent for some recent, it's also worth remembering that in 1974 - 40 years ago - the Volkswagen Golf first appeared, changing the family car market forever.

Enjoy the Top 10 - and remember, although it's highly likely that this selection will be worth more by the end of 2014, the values of classics can go down as well as up. Enjoy the Top 10...

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Jaguar XJR

Old Jaguars are known for being excellent - if costly - bangers in the twilight years before they become classics. Given that the 1994 XJs are going to hit 20 in 2014, their years of residing in bombsites on the 'Under £1000' naughty step are probably in the past now.

The XJR is a brilliant driver's car, and in supercharged six-cylinder form, as close to being bulletproof as a fast Jaguar can be. Buy, polish, re-bush, sparingly enjoy on the roads, and watch your investment grow.

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