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Top 10: Classics for first-timers

With increasing numbers of enthusiasts looking for their first-time buy, the classic car market appears to be in rude health. Values are increasing (and have been for some time) as demand for the best examples of the most popular models remains high. But which cars are the top buys for anyone about to take the plunge?

We’ve brought together ten of the most suitable cars for enthusiasts looking to buy their first classic – and whether your preference is for sportiness, economy or sheer practicality, we reckon there’s something here to suit all tastes, as well as most first-time budgets. As ever, let us know your own thoughts – and which classic you’d personally recommend.

By Paul Guinness, Contributor

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Mazda MX-5

If you fancy an affordable two-seater roadster without any major reliability issues but all the fun appeal of an older model, the enduringly popular MX-5 is a great choice, combining cute styling and a great driving experience with usability and amazing value for money.

You still need to buy with care, as any (1990-98) MkI MX-5 can suffer from rust if neglected, and like any car will benefit from regular care and attention. But when you consider that an MoT’d example can be as cheap as £1000, with decent cars for £2000-2500, it’s hard not to be tempted.


Husbandofstinky    on 13 November 2019

You will always get the 'why isn't this here' and 'why isn't that there' with only ten slots to allocate.

However, why or why is Type 1 VW Bettle not there?

Not a particular fan of them, but every aspect of them, design, availability, the simplest of mechanics, cult following etc.... screams out it should be up there as almost one of the first and most obvious choices

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