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Top 10: Classics at the Tatton park show

The twice-yearly Tatton Park Classic and Performance Vehicle Show is one of the best attended events in the north of England, and always attracts some weird and wonderful cars. This month’s ‘Passion for Power’ event was no exception. Here are our (somewhat oddball) Top 10 cars of the show…

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Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 Estate

When was the last time you saw one of these? The Mk2 Cavalier wasn’t the best for rust-resilience. Vauxhall’s decision to import the rear bodywork from GM’s Australian arm, Holden, for its station wagon version of the J-Car (for the anoraks among us, the Aussie version was called the Holden Camira), wasn’t outwardly foolish – Opel had no call for an estate in Europe, but the UK fleet market demanded it to compete with the upcoming Ford Sierra and Austin Montego. But the company’s decision to transport the bodies across the high seas, uncovered, and with no rust-proofing, before exposing them to salty British winters was less inspired. We’re amazed there are any left. This one was for sale for a not unreasonable £1750.


Lord Brasic    on 28 August 2016

Very nice

Lord Brasic    on 28 August 2016

I want that car

Lord Brasic    on 28 August 2016

A Micra UTE, and why not, its good to see someone still cares enough about these little car to do this, is great, well done.

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