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Top 10: Classic Survivors 1950-1990

We've crunched the DVLA's data to come up with the top 10 hardiest classic cars in the UK. By that, we mean the percentage left taxed or SORN'd compared with how many were built in the first place - and it's interesting to see just how many of those cars come from the British specialist sector.

There are some holes in DVLA's data, notably with manufacturers such as AC, Ferrari and Lamborghini where the maker, and not model was recorded - so if you're a club secretary that happens to know definitive numbers of any  models, we'd love to hear from you.

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Triumph Stag
25,877 built, 3321 taxed, 3145 SORN'd, survival rate - 25.0%

It's no real surprise to see the Stag appear in the top 10 - but for it to almost take the top position is quite phenomenal. When one considers that for years, the Stag established itself as a troublesome, unreliable, car, and stories of its flakiness abounded throughout the press, it's good to see that buyers saw through all of that. But not before working through all manner of issues that BL should have solved in the first place.

Today, the Triumph Stag is one of the most popular classic cars, well supported by a massive specialist industry. It's good to drive, sounds great, and looks fantastic. It's just a shame it took the owners to iron out all of its faults.


TR5    on 23 July 2018

I presume you are talking of UK TR5's, in which case it was 1161 built. The rest were exported, so would not be recorded for taxed or sorn'd purposes.

There are also a few unscrupulous people who have converted TR250's and even TR4's and TR4a's into the spec of a TR5, and somehow got the DVLA to re-register them as TR5's, an activity that undermines the whole classic car fraternity.

There's a lot of dishonest Johns out there!

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