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Top 10: Classic super-saloons for under £5000

With the cost of petrol running at an all-time high, the thought of buying a gas-guzzling large-engined saloon might seem a little bit on the silly side - but for those who have the luxury of running one as a second car, or as a low-mileage, cherished classic, there has never been a better time to buy.

We've come up with ten 200bhp-plus saloons that should offer considerable joy for those who like effortless power, a suerb ride and masses of presence. As a Sunday luxury, any of these 1980s and '90s plutocrat-mobiles will make you feel like a government minister on a whistle-stop tour, or a company chairman hurrying to an extraordinary board meeting.

And now, they're all in the reach of anyone with a modest-sized ISA to cash-in...

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Ford Scorpio Ultima 24V
2935cc, 204bhp, 140mph

Although the previous Granada Scorpio first received the Cosworth-tuned 2.9-litre V6, it's the quirky looking, fully-equipped frogeye vesion that gets the nod here. The styling of this car might have been a put-off back in 1994, but it's aged quite well, and you can't exactly accuse it of being boring. Leather-lined interior, and overstuffed seats look chintzy today, but the last-of-line examples are quite simply, excellent cars to drive.


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