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Top 10: Classic estate cars to buy in 2021

What could be more useful than a classic estate car? The trouble is, finding the right one might take some time. Estates were usually bought to do a job, which is why the survival rate among certain models is poor. But if perseverance is one of your many qualities, it could be worth shopping around. Because once you’ve found a good one, you’re unlikely to ever regret buying it...

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TRIUMPH 2000 / 2500

Arriving two years after the 2000 saloon, in 1965, was Triumph’s new estate version, built by Coventry-based Carbodies but sold through Triumph dealers. It was then restyled in 1969, with the new 2000/2500 Mk2 'Innsbruck' featuring a Stag-like front end for a more modern look, while the upgraded interior included a wood-veneer dashboard and door cappings.

These weren’t the most spacious family estates, but with six-cylinder power and typical Triumph quality they were among the most tempting. The last cars were made in 1977, and these days any well-preserved 2000/2500 estate makes a great classic choice.


The Citroën fan    on 5 December 2016

I had one of these; it was an ex French private ambulance with high roof. I converted the rear into a mini camping-car and used it to escort abnormal loads, mainly in France. It was a wonderful vehicle, very reliable & well-known in the business, including lots of French police (for the right reasons!).
On the odd occasion it needed unexpected work, French Citroën dealers could not have been more helpful & prices were very reasonable. I was sorry when it died: nineteen years old!

Chris Clement    on 5 November 2018

Wasn’t the Vauxhall Ventora an in line straight six, not a V6?

Pete4L    on 12 November 2018

How on earth can you leave the Ford Cortina estate off this list? They were the most popular estate car EVER in the UK!

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