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Top 10: Classic banger racers

Banger racing. Love it or loathe it, there’s no more dramatic a way for a car to meet its end than on the short oval circuit – and there’s no denying the fact it’s an entertaining spectacle.

While many enthusiasts are opposed to the destruction of classic cars, it's important to remember that many of the cars used on track are well beyond economical repair. And, in fact, many of the parts taken off the cars that are broken will go on and help another classic stay on the road.

And although some banger racers have a bad reputation for seeking out and racing rarities, there are also plenty who have sold a car that was due to be raced because it is too rare.

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Nissan Bluebird

If you want to know if a car is any good or not, they say you should ask a taxi driver or a banger racer. Both test cars to their absolute limits of durability, and the Nissan Bluebird was, for many years, a darling of both. As the first front-wheel-driver in our list, the reason it’s so popular is because, as supplies of rear-drivers have dried up, racers were forced to diversify. The Bluebird has a huge, wide, flat front end, which is great for absorbing impacts. It’s also surprisingly quick, and handles far better than its dowdy looks would suggest.


Rob Bennett    on 14 January 2019

That was my car! ?? It was a 216 by the way, with the Honda D series engine, so no problems doing the gasket.

Mr Christopher lloyd    on 27 October 2021

........and the Ford Mondeo Mk1 and Mk 2 ? Pretty tough cars....i hit a group of trees with one, doing around 45mph.....lived to tell the tale........certainly saved my neck.....thank you, Moindy...

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