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Top 10: Cars with K-series power

Launched at the start of the ’90s in the new Rover 200 and heavily revised Metro, the K-series engine became the mainstay of the Rover (and MG) range for the next decade and a half. Originally available as a 1.1-litre OHC or 1.4 twin-cam, it was expanded to included 1.6- and 1.8-litre versions, with Variable Valve Control for the range-topping MGF.

Although praised upon its launch, the K-series gained a reputation for head gasket failure. But when maintained well (and ideally fitted with a multi-layer replacement head gasket), it’s a reliable unit with impressively smooth power delivery. Here’s our pick of ten of the most interesting cars with K-series power. 

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Rover Metro

The Metro had sold well for ten years by the time it was transformed into the Rover Metro, with the ancient A-series engine replaced by the all-new K-series in 1.1- and 1.4-litre guises pushing out 60 and 76bhp respectively. Once a 16-valve head was fitted to the 1.4 to create the GTi and GTa models, there was an impressive 95-103bhp on tap.

This heavily revamped Metro also brought sleek new front end styling, a new-look tailgate and a vastly improved interior. But the end of ’94 brought another frontal restyle, a move that saw the Metro name dropped for Rover 100.

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