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Top 10: Classic car names that made a comeback

Every car manufacturer, it seems, is cashing in on their heritage – and that’s no bad thing, as it clearly proves that classic cars are as important to the industry as they are to enthusiasts. Here are 10 of the greatest names to make a comeback…

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Rover 75

Debuting alongside the similarly retro Jaguar S-Type at the 1998 Birmingham motor show, the Rover 75 was chief stylist Richard Woolley’s interpretation of a ‘modern’ take on a classic Rover. And what a handsome looking car it was. The original Rover 75 was a relatively underpowered version of the P4, the more powerful version being the Rover 100, a fact overlooked three years earlier when the company upgraded the Metro to share its name… The 75, though, was much more in keeping with what a traditional Rover should have been, and without it we don’t doubt that Rover would have gone to the wall much, much sooner. A fine car - and a sad footnote for the British car industry.

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