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Top 10: Classic car names that made a comeback

Every car manufacturer, it seems, is cashing in on their heritage – and that’s no bad thing, as it clearly proves that classic cars are as important to the industry as they are to enthusiasts. Here are 10 of the greatest names to make a comeback…

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Skoda Octavia

The car that finally silenced Skoda’s critics came in the form of the 1998 Octavia – a saloon-styled hatchback or capacious estate benefitting from Volkswagen powertrains and build quality. Created from the Mk 4 Golf platform, the Octavia offered incredible value for money, great passenger space, low running costs and exceptional fit and finish, making it an instant hit in the sales carts despite its rather dowdy appearance. All attributes of the original 1959 Octavia, which was a quality saloon car with a great reputation for longevity. A shame there wasn’t a hot vRS version back in ’59…

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