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Top 10: Classic car names that made a comeback

Every car manufacturer, it seems, is cashing in on their heritage – and that’s no bad thing, as it clearly proves that classic cars are as important to the industry as they are to enthusiasts. Here are 10 of the greatest names to make a comeback…

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MG Magnette

Was this a trip too far down memory lane? The ‘Magnette’ moniker had long been associated with the sportier versions of MG’s saloon cars, so it seemed fitting for the newly resurgent SAIC MG company to apply the name to the saloon version of the sportiest MG6 when the model was launched here in 2011. Alas, the traditional hallmarks of MG – quality, sportiness and an upmarket brand image weren’t the first things that came into mind with the British-assembled but Chinese developed MG, and the Magnette name, along with the four-door body, were quietly dropped with the MG6 facelift in 2015.

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