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Top 10: 4x4 performance cars

It began in the ’60s, became widespread in the ’80s and is still a major part of the performance car market. Yes, we’re talking about the all-wheel drive road car, the machine that combines strong performance with the kind of tenacious grip that leaves two-wheel drive rivals struggling to keep up.

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Jensen FF

Jensen started the 4x4 performance car revolution as far back as 1966, when it launched a version of its stunningly handsome new Interceptor fitted with a four-wheel drive system specially designed by Ferguson Research. The newcomer was the revolutionary Jensen FF.

The FF was the world’s first road-biased car to use four-wheel drive, as well as the first to feature the Dunlop Maxaret anti-lock braking system. The end result was a high-performance coupe with the kind of handling and braking that most rivals simply couldn’t compete with. Sadly though, just 320 FFs were built in total.


peter hughes    on 23 April 2018

and the Porsche 959 .............????

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