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Top 25: 21st century classics

We might only be fifteen years into the 21st century, but there’s no shortage of models already viewed as modern classics by enthusiasts.

Amazingly, despite this being a top 25, there are still plenty of New Millennium cars that we’ve had to leave out, including Ford’s Focus ST, Renault’s Clio V6 RenaultSport and Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution VIII. But don’t worry, as we reckon there’s plenty here to entertain most fans of up-and-coming classic metal.

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Honda Civic Type R (2001-2005)

When the British-built Type R went on sale in 2001, it was hailed as the fastest-accelerating front-wheel drive hot hatch on the planet. That was thanks to its awesome 2.0-litre twin-cam i-VTEC powerplant, a normally-aspirated engine with an incredibly rev-happy nature and the ability to produce 197bhp at 7400rpm. Yes, almost 100bhp per litre from a non-turbo lump! At £16,000, the Type R was infinitely more exciting than the similarly priced 115bhp VW Golf 2.0 GTi; with a whopping 82bhp difference between the Honda and the VW, there was simply no comparison in terms of power and performance.


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