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Top 10: European 1980s superminis

The supermini took off in a big way in the 1970s, with models like the Fiat 127, Renault 5, Volkswagen Polo and original Fiesta showing European buyers just how good a small car could be. But the subsequent decade saw the concept properly refined, with second-generation models marking a major leap forward.

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Citroen AX

It would be easy to criticise the AX of 1986 as being too much of a compromise by ‘small Citroen’ standards, largely lacking its forebears’ quirkiness. But to dismiss it for that would be a mistake, for the ultra-lightweight AX was one of the most entertaining superminis of its time – and, let’s not forget, also led to those brilliant ‘warm’ versions known as the GT and GTi.

Even the entry-level 954cc AX was a hoot to pilot, its eager powerplant, impressive grip and light but sharp steering endowing it with a fun appeal that so many of its rivals lacked.


Bilboman    on 11 May 2016

Supercinque? Mamma mia, only in Italy. It was a Supercinq elsewhere, especially in France!

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