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Must-have kit for the classic car owner

If you’re looking to improve your collection of tools – or even starting from scratch equipping your garage or workshop with the kind of things you’re sure to need at some point – we've got together fifteen different products that we think are indispensable.

There are others you might consider, of course; but we reckon any (or all) of these items make a great starting point for today’s DIY-minded old-car owner. So let us know which items you’ve already bought and which you’d recommend the most. Now then… time to get your hands dirty. 

By Paul Guinness, Contributor

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Trolley Jack

You can spend a hefty sum on a trolley jack if you want to, although something like this should suit most needs. This two-tonne jack has a slim profile making it ideal for low-chassis cars, and has a lifting range of 9-36cm. Halfords has also reduced its price from £50 to £35 at present, making it seriously good value for money. More details via


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