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Volkswagen Beetle (oval screen) (1953 - 1957)

Last updated 10 April 2017


Buying Guide


  • Most recently imported from Mexico in 2003 by www.beetles-uk.com 1600cc fuel injected and catalysed flat four. Prices from £7,995 for basic LHD. Convertibles £16,995. Three year importers warranty. Used examples also available.
  • Rebuilt Karmann convertibles for £5000-7000. Tin tops can be for £500-800 and mint examples for £3000-4000.
  • Any owner should buy the book 'How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive' by John Muir. Gives good advice on all things air cooled and how to do basic maintenance.
  • Above all find a good specialist: try looking in Volksworld mag. Production finally ended summer 2003.


  • Handling, lack of speed.
  • Hardly brilliant fuel consumption, 26-30mpg.
  • Chrome on parts from Brazil is poor quality.
  • Bodies need regular Waxoyling to prevent them rusting out.
  • Production of new cars ended in Brazil in 1996 and in Mexico in 2003.


  • Mainly rust in floorpan, as always was the case. Can turn into Flintstone cars.

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