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TVR Griffith V8 (1963 - 1965)

Last updated 5 October 2013

Very, very fast
Lairy, and quite a handful
were produced
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The TVR Griffith was created (and named after) an American motor trader who first fitted the V8 engine in one of Trevor Wilkinson’s cars in 1962. Jack Griffith had seen the works cars racing at the American Sebring race circuit and decided that fitting a Ford 4.7-litre V8 into a Grantura chassis – a car designed for an engine less than half the size- was a good idea. Griffith negotiated a deal with TVR to sell the uprated Granturas with his own name on, and these first cars went under the name Griffith 200. The car was based on the Mk III Grantura, and was offered with the option of manual or automatic transmission.

However, there were teething troubles, and suspect engine cooling and poor brakes meant development work was required. That resulted in the 400, which was based on the Mk IV Grantura and introduced in 1964. However, there were insurmountable hurdles in the development of this four-cylinder sportster to turn it into a V8-engined beast – weight distribution. In standard form, the Grantura had been fun, but with that heavy motor upfront, things got a bit hairy.

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