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Subaru Leone (1979 - 1989)

Last updated 7 November 2013


Buying Guide


  • This was thenear legendary car that made Subaru famous.
  • A Texas bank got 600,000 miles out of one.
  • Can represent a cheap, reliable car for those who need four-wheel-drive in the winter.


  • Starting to get really old now and onto their 8th or 10th owners.
  • May be impossible to check history.
  • Suspension bushes go.
  • Remember, Japanese cars are designed to be very reliable for up to 7 years.
  • They aren't built to last longer than this, so very few of them left alive.


  • Rust.
  • Broken front subframes.
  • Any signs of having been used by a farmer (bits of straw under the carpet, strange dents, farmyard smells).
  • If it has seat covers, look underneath - especially the top of the back seat.
  • If tyre wear is uneven, best to walk away unless car is cheap
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