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Jaguar XJ (1994 - 1997)

Last updated 18 May 2018


Model Timeline

300 Series gained an impressive reputation for reliability both on the fleets and in private hands. Better even than Mercedes or BMW. Well liked by owners.

Standard lenght 16' 4" long by 6' 7" wide and weighing from 1,880kg. Long wheelbase 16' 10" long.

216 bhp 3.2 litre straight six; 245 bhp 4.0 straight six; 322 bhp 4.0 litre supercharged straight six. 5-speed manual or 'J-change' 4-speed ZF automatic. XJR has much stronger, better Mercedes 600 autobox.

Originally a three-year 60,000-mile warranty.

Better to buy a late one of these 6 cylinder cars than an early V8.

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