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BMW Z1 (1988 - 1991)



reviewed by Anonymous on 19 May 2017
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Ultra Rare & an incredible investment

Up until March 2015, i had only ever seen two BMW Z1 coupes, and considering there are only 42 in the country, its an incredibly rare sight.

My friend had always wanted one, and the only dealership in this country able to source one, is the classic BMW dealers, Munich Legends in Sussex.

The car in question, is one of only six originally imported vehicles, with its speedometer in MPH, whilst every other car has theirs in KPH,

Some parts can be extremely difficult to obtain, but the running gear is classic BMW 325i, so mechanical parts are readily available.

The thing that is unique to the Z1, are its fold down doors, that slide into its side door sills, and i believe BMW have never produced another vehicle with this amazing feature.

All cars are left hand drive, and the most popular colour was Top Red.

All the body panels were plastic, and the alloy wheels were a unique design as well.

For some reason, prices remained static for many years, but in the past two years, cars have shot up in value.

My friend paid nearly £31,000 for his very low 25,0000mile original Uk imported vehicle, owned by a BMW dealership from new.

Recent demand, is seeing similar cars achieving over £50,000, and because they are such a rare vehicle, its a buyers market.

They say that classic cars are now a good investment, that's certainly the case with the ultra rare BMW Z1.

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About this car

Top speed135 mph
0-608.5 s
Power170 bhp

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