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Ford moves to protect classics from scrappage scheme

Published 13 December 2017

Ford will no longer allow classic cars to be traded in as part of its scrappage scheme. Originally, any vehicle built before 1 January, 2010, could be traded in. One customer traded in a 1959 Standard Ten for a new Ford Transit, promoting an outcry from classic car enthusiasts.

Ford bowed to pressure and agreed not to scrap the car - but the terms and conditions of the scheme meant that the car could never be put back on the road. Now Ford says that any vehicles “classified as ‘historic vehicles’ by the DVLA will not automatically be scrapped” from 2018.

So far, Ford has scrapped the most cars of any UK dealer 8,088 cars - but it won’t say how many of those were classics. The news means that now two of the UK’s biggest car brands, Ford and Vauxhall, have procedures in place to stop classic cars being crushed as part of the scrappage scheme.



Deborah O'Sullivan    on 13 December 2017

Fantastic news!!

HonestTam    on 17 December 2017

That is good news.

A few years ago, a mate of mine's mum traded in her prestine Ford Sierra Laser under the scrappage scheme. The thing was meticulous and had been garaged most of its life.
Maybe not as 'classic' as a Standard Ten, but it still made me wince thinking about it.

   on 18 December 2017

As the old saying goes:- when they're gone they're gone !!!

Ymris10    on 18 December 2017

I'm quite keen on some of the American car mod shows but I cringe to the point of weeping when they take an almost pristine '70s model and hotrod it to the point where it's almost unrecognisable. Should be a criminal offence.

Agave House    on 27 December 2017

I wonder how many people are aware that the London mayor through the use of ULEZ expansion will force the scrappage of thousands of vehicles built before 2005 due to the Euro 4 petrol standard...?

Yes that's right folks because if you are unaware of the continuous insurance law people who have to leave their vehicle on the road because they do not have off street parking will in effect have no option but to get rid of their vehicle.. There's no talk of weekend amnesty, residential exemption or a scheme to retrofit petrol cars either, as for Diesels if your car is not Euro 6 it's heading for the scrap heap...for sure

This daily charge of £12.50 amounts to an annual cost of £3,000 to drive a car that doesn't meet the Euro 4 standard which means pretty much any car built in the 80s and 90s which includes a good proportion of vehicles which could be considered classic or coming classic.

And if you think it's just about inner London it's not it's about inside the M25 in the long run that's the plan for present he is trying to get approval for inside the North/South circular.

Now don't get me wrong I'm all for clean air but there's been no discussion over how to go about retrofitting vehicles because this is a clear attempt to sell more vehicles and generate VAT receipts for the government.. It's consumerism gone mad given the huge carbon footprint of producing a vehicle is better a vehicle stays on the road for 200000 miles rather than 100000 miles..

People have a very short time to oppose this as the consultation ends on the 28th of February 2018 so all those classic cars enthusiasts please get online and put your objection's not been publicised for a reason and spread the word fast !!

Protect vehicle heritage now before it's too late.

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