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Fiat Uno production finally ends

Published 03 January 2014

Production of the Brazilian version of the Fiat Uno, known as the Mille, has finally ended after a 30-year run. Fiat has been forced to end the Mille due to new legislation that came into effect on 1 January 2014 that requires all new cars to have airbags and ABS fitted as standard. It's the law that's also responsible for the end of Volkswagen Type 2 production.

The Fiat Mille was introduced in 1990 as an entry-level version of the Uno. But such was its success, the Mille became a fully-fledged member of the model line-up, eventually supplanting the original it was based upon. Sales of the 999cc supermini, which was available at the lowest taxation rate, exceeded 10,000 per month until 2010. Right to the end of its life, the Mille remained popular in Brazil because of its super-low purchase price and rugged layout, with such features as long-travel suspension and impact-absorbing bumpers.

In 2004, the Mille received a new front end up updated interior, and it's in this form that the car remained in production until the end of 2013. Despite the new look, the essential character of the neat-looking Giugiaro-styled original continued to shine through. A total of more than 3.6 million Unos and Milles have been sold in Brazil since the launch of the first-generation Uno, which had been built there since 1984.

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sirwiggum    on 3 January 2014

All the classics are getting killed off by regulation.
- Beetle
- Type 2
- CitiGolf (mk1 Golf)
- Uno / Mille

Thank goodness we still have China producing ZXs and old Passats...

ianpark    on 3 January 2014

I bought a Uno 45S in 1987 great little car probably the best small car of it's generation, mine ran flawlessly until I changed it a few years later. The 999c FIRE engine was a masterpiece and it was the most economical car I've ever owned my favourite feature was the choke lever(remember them)which was pulled by this really elegant lever from under the dash,So farewll then UNO for thirty years you've served the motoring public on most of the continents of planet Earth

Matthew    on 6 January 2014

I have a mk1 fiat uno 60s on eBay please look 360829806922

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