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Nissan Micra: 30 years in pictures

The Nissan Micra, so long considered a mainstay of British street car furniture, celebrates its 30th birthday this year. It initially supplemented the Nissan Cherry on the UK market, slotting in below that car striking at the heart of the supermini market.

Within three years, the Micra was Nissan's sole representative in the supermini market - and it proved extremely popular, especially with young drivers. Here's a gallery of the most interesting Micras and their fascinating derivatives. You'll be surprised at just how many Micras have come and gone over the past three decades.

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Given just how the NX-01 looked like a production-ready car, rather than a one-off concept, it was no surprise to see the real thing appear at the same motor show just a year later. The production car - called the Nissan March in Japan - was available in 0.9-, 1.0- and 1.2-litre form, and it proved to be a big hit in its home market straight out of the blocks.


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