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NEC Classic: John Slavin's top 10 cars for sale

The NEC Classic Car show is almost entrancing. There’s so much on display that makes you think 'what if?' and 'can I justify it'? It’s something dealers know all too well – many classic car specialists are present with cars for sale. So you don’t have to merely dream – if you’ve got the money you can actually buy something special on the day, and many people do.

The sellers have everything from common-or-garden cars you'd typically ignore to sublime one-offs, so we've cut a cross section through everything on sale. Click through the gallery below. 

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1978 Volkswagen Beetle -£8500

The seller of this 1200cc Beetle, one of the last few hundred to be sold in the UK, wants offers over £8500. It goes to show just how popular the Volkswagen scene is – buyers are willing to pay rather a lot for original, low mileage cars like this – the odometer reads 8000 miles. 


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