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Techno-Classica 2013: Gallery of HJClassics' Car of The Show

It was a minor lot buried in the Coys auction - and yet we loved it. This 1970 Iso Lele was described as a 'barn find', and its shabby patina didn't disappoint at all - and that's why it was our Car of The Show.

The Iso Lele certainly can't be described as boring - its Bertone styling was clearly challenging, and that undoubtedly didn't help its sales. But the specification sheet of this Giotto Bizzarrini-engineered car is every bit as impressive as two of his former greats, the Ferrari 250 GTO and Lamborghini 350GT. And although it was USA V8 powered, it still went well - with a maximum speed of 142mph and a 0-60mph time of around eight seconds.

Coys had this car tucked away on its lot list - far away from the headlining Bentley, Alfa Romeos and Cistilias, but we noticed it, and couldn't wait to get a closer look at this once we made it to Essen. The car is said to be the third off the line, and was offered at the sale with no reserve, but with an estimate of €13,000-16,000. And the bidders didn't disappoint, taking it up to €15,000 on the Sunday sale.

Enjoy the gallery of patina at its best.

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Spot the rot on the nose panel


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