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A Grand Monday: Peugeot 205 1.1 GL

Published 25 November 2019

The Peugeot 205 was one of the greatest ever superminis when it was new, but it’s only with the benefit of time behind it that it has become clear quite how brilliant it was.

Not only did it look sensational, with sharp Pininfarina-styled lines, and drive equally brilliantly thanks to a superb and wonderfully entertaining chassis, but the humble little Peugeot has also proven itself to be one of the best built cars ever, a fact proven by its incredible survival rate and the sheer number of them that are still running around without the slightest hint of rust.

And here’s another - this 68,000-mile example looks like a cracking buy at £695, with no signs of any rot, a really tidy body and a superb interior.

Peugeot 205 (3)

The true enthusiasts will tell you that the three-door was better and that the 1.1 TU wasn’t the pick of the engines, but for very little outlay this is a charming little entry-level classic that would be the perfect introduction to the classic car scene for a younger motorist or a perfect easy-to-maintain daily for those of us who like our motoring simply but brilliantly executed. It’s a total bargain. 

Peugeot 205 (2)



AtecaOwner    on 25 November 2019

Thought it was an urban myth that Pininfarina designed the 205? Gerard Welter says it was done in house.

peugeot 406 hdi 110 exec estat    on 25 November 2019

Yes i loved the 205...the best of all was the could thrash the daylights out of them they went well and 60 mpg...they were far better than anything of its time...similar 406 and 309 diesels not to mention 405 were easily achieving 300.000 miles without problem and no rust...current 406 hdi has 382 000 miles all original engine and gearbox...just service regularly....the 1997 cc rhz engine in 8 valve also fitted to peugeot expert was the best of the lot

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