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A Grand Monday: Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2

Published 29 April 2019

This week’s Grand Monday isn’t going to win any concourse competitions, but when did you last see one?

There was a time where the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 was Britain’s best-selling company car - the perfect recipe of low running costs and mechanical durability, coupled to decent performance and comfort, made it the family favourite for much of the 1980s.

Its three-box styling may have been more traditional than that of its arch-rival, the Ford Sierra, but the Cavalier was actually a more sophisticated car underneath, with far sharper handling. Sadly, another thing it did very well was rot, and by the mid-1990s most Mk2 Cavaliers had shed their rear wheelarches and started to decay beyond redemption, making them incredibly rare cars today. 


This one, then, is a rare survivor and certainly needs saving, though whoever rescues it will need to dedicate some time and effort to restoring the arches and sills. 

It’s all there, though, and overall looks like a pretty decent project. Well worth an offer, as we reckon you could chip a bit off the £975 asking price.


nomeandude    on 28 April 2019

Mk 11 Cavalier Was streets ahead of its main rival the Ford Cortina when it was first
introduced . I drove a 1.6 GL model and it was impressive . Even the later Ford Sierra did not handle as well . Sadly missed ! .

nomeandude    on 28 April 2019

Great Car Sadly missed ! .

Christhepostie    on 28 April 2019

I had 3 of these, all hatchback. 1.6L, 1.8 cdi and 1.8 gls. All by the time I was 22. I'd still have the cdi if my mum hadn't written it off. I loved that car. Fast forward 20+ years and I find myself looking at auto trader for another one.

Christhepostie    on 28 April 2019

I had to drive a mate in his 1.6 Sierra at the time I had my 1.6L I was shocked at how slow and dull his Ford was. Vauxhall was king to me.

Craig_    on 28 April 2019

I was watching HubNut drive one on YouTube just this morning. Lovely big cars. One of my first car memories is dad's blue one just like this.

expertad    on 5 May 2019

Good cars,especially the early two tone SRI with Recaro seats,i had three.The later ones had cheaper sports seats with other cost cutting measures as well.Best one was 84/B red SRI,did 200,000 in it and good for over 120 MPH with that smooth 1.8 injection motor,certainly as quick and somewhat nicer than my current company A4 TDI 2018.

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