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A Grand Monday: Peugeot 205 Junior diesel

Published 09 July 2018

As classic superminis go, the Peugeot 205 is up there with the best. Well made, fun to drive and mechanically straightforward, the pint-sized Pug has a lot going for it.

Yet, GTi aside, the 205's resilience to corrosion and ability to just keep going means that there are still quite a few left at rock-bottom prices, meaning you can pick up an iconic supermini for little outlay.

Buy this one and you won't even be spending much when you drive it, such is the frugality of its XUD diesel engine. The 1.8-litre normally aspirated lump might not be the first word in refinement or performance, but it'll easily crack 70mpg on a run and it'll cruise all day at the legal limit.

It's a Junior variant, which is a fairly miserly spec, but on the plus side those manual windows and mirrors mean there's less to go wrong. It's the best colour, too - Miami Blue. 

Peugeot 205 (2)

Sure, it has covered a few miles - a smidgen under 200k, in all fairness - but 205s wear their miles well, especially the diesel models. Aside from a couple of tiny dings and one missing piece of trim, this one looks to be a very smart and tidy car.

With a long MoT as well, we reckon it's a real bargain at just £500.

Peugeot 205 (3)


expertad    on 14 July 2018

Passed my test in 1987 in a diesel 205.Not sure about the 'well made' bit, the dash rattled when it was brand new but those old simple diesels go on forever.And the french rust protection seems unsurpassed,I had a 1998 306 up to a few years ago with not a hint of corrosion,shame the thing felt tinny and the electrics died.It was still in better nick than my 2004 Mercedes E320.

expertad    on 14 July 2018

And nothing wrong with basic cars,had a Billy Basic Astra 1.4 Merit in 1994,no power steering,windy windows,no central locking,and it survived 300,000 miles until the head gasket went.Twenty quid for a rear silencer,fifteen for brake pads,those were the days!

   on 26 May 2019

205 diesel legend car of the year no car of the decade yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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