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A Grand Monday: Alfa Romeo GTV

Published 06 November 2017

There are a hundred and one reasons why you shouldn't entertain a 15-year old Alfa Romeo that's for sale for less than a grand.

The problem, though, is that each and every one of those reasons is blissfully simple to ignore, especially when confronted with the lithe, sleek looks of the 916-generation GTV - a car so unique and beguiling that, even when it's broken (which it will be at one point), it's beautiful.

Our star of the cheap classifieds this week is a 2002 GTV 2.0 Twin Spark, finished in black with black leather. It's in standard, unmolested condition, with Alfa's famous 'telephone dial' alloy wheels and a brand new MoT, along with a pair of fresh winter tyres.

In fairness, the 2.0-litre Twin Spark doesn't require quite as much maintenance as the V6-engined GTVs, but they do still need a cambelt change at 72,000 miles, and there's nothing in the advertising description to suggest that this has been done, so make sure you inquire about it before leaving a deposit - though in fairness, £975 for a sleek Italian coupe with one of the most romantic names in the industry is hardly a big ask in the first instance. 

Alfa GTV (4)

With 88,000 miles on the clock and a seemingly immaculate interior, this GTV has all the hallmarks of a well looked after car, and at this price, it's very tempting indeed. 


G W Davies    on 7 November 2017

Why don't my alfas ever break down. I've owned 3 done big miles and never had a moment's trouble.
More than I can say for the one VW I owned which admittedly was very sturdy but stopped working with an alarming regularity

Ralf S.    on 8 November 2017

Come on John...

Ignoring the usual lazy cliché about Alfas being unreliable you also got the cam-belt change interval wrong.

The v6 can manage 72,000 between belts but the interval for the Twin Spark engines is 36,000 miles. I'd recommend that you also change the tensioner, pulley, belts and the water pump (optional - they can last every second cambelt, if you use high quality parts).

Apart from some corrosion around the floor and rear spring pans, the GTV can get to 150,000 miles easily if you look after it.

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