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Why Edd China was right to quit Wheeler Dealers

Published 23 March 2017

It’s no surprise that the departure of mechanic Edd China from hit TV show Wheeler Dealers has caused such an outcry. For an entire generation of petrolheads raised on modern motors that discouraged driveway mechanics, Wheeler Dealers was their first glimpse at the oily bits of cars.

Mike might have got to do all the glamorous buying and selling stuff, but what went on in Edd’s workshop was the real reason people tuned in. Edd’s work was entertaining and educational. But most of all, it was inspiring. Here was someone who demystified the increasingly complicated workings of cars – and gave us hope that we could also work successfully on cars.

At a time when modern manufacturers favour replacement over repair, when schools shy away from teaching almost any kind of useful engineering practices, and when there are genuine fears about the skills needed for classic car restoration dying out, Edd was a shining light.

China repeatedly proved that you didn’t necessarily need deep pockets to revive a classic car – and that much of the revival work could be done if you were willing to put the hours in.

Edd China (2)

Sadly, it was the production company’s desire to cut back on the ‘hands-on’ aspect of the programme that led to Edd’s decision to quit. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Edd said, ‘… the detailed and in depth coverage of my fixes in the workshop - what I consider to be the backbone and USP of the programme - are something Velocity [the production company] feel should be reduced. ‘

It’s true, the workshop jobs are certainly the hardest part of the show to make. And reducing their substance and role will save a lot of time, effort and therefore money. But without seeing what goes on in the workshop, Wheeler Dealers would never have become one of the biggest motoring TV shows on the planet.

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John Doneghan    on 23 March 2017

Absolutely spot on. I watch Wheeler Dealers for the mechanics,not Mike. If Velocity want to reduce the time showing the mechanics of the cars then I truly believe that this is the beginning of the end for Wheeler Dealers. People are'nt going to want to sit and watch Mike Brewer for the majority of the show. Hopefully when viewing figures start to drop,this is just to save money remember, maybe Velocity might change their minds,I doubt it.
Changing a winning formula usually means its not a good thing to do,but.......

John D.

   on 23 March 2017

Edd is the reason I watch the show. I often skip the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes - just watch Edd's 40 minutes! Much less likely to watch now.

Paul M Masterson    on 23 March 2017

I am an enthusiastic follower of this program for its entire history. I think that the combination of Mikes retail skills and Ed's mechanical skills makes the program a great success. Unfortunately there is a long history of talentless suits destroying successful business. How about Fred Goodwin and RBS ,and Mercedes accountants destroying their reliability by cutting suppliers margins. No doubt they will save money,but they will wreck the program.

   on 23 March 2017

You tube and Edd China. The two necessities of back yard wrench turning.

Truely a mistake by velocity. During a time when "reality programming" revolves more around personality quirks and bombastic behaviors, Wheeler Dealers has always been my breath of fresh air.

   on 23 March 2017

I don't know a spark plug from a bath plug, but I watch Ed and am absolutely fascinated by how simple he makes it look. I could never understand why his own labour was never factored in to the final costing and the vehicles sold were far too cheap. But I loved the programme and realised that underneath, a Bently and a Ford were much the same and one was a sensible price for parts, the other wasn't. Good luck Ed.

   on 24 March 2017

i fast forward thru the brewer bits so i don't think i will bother with the program any more

   on 24 March 2017

I'm not sure the production types at Velocity know exactly why Wheeler Dealers was a hit! They don't understand car people.

I loved the mix of 'dealing' by Mike and the 'wheeling' by Edd. Removing one part or another just wrecks the idea and the draw of the program. Personally I like Ant Anstead, but we need more programs that demystify the 'oily bits', not fewer.

I do hope it doesn't just become another Velocity/Discovery reality TV show about personalities, rather than products. We have too many of those already (Gas Monkey Garage, Counting Cars, Graveyard Cars, etc)

Campbell Cumming    on 24 March 2017

I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the programme and will keep an keen eye on Edd's youtube channel. As a Technical (Design and Technology) teacher in Scotland one of the subjects I teach is Engineering Science and Wheeler Dealers has helped me so much. I often refer to the programme when teaching. I do not shy away from talking about useful engineering practices, I actively seek them and I'll continue to watch Edd's mechanical mastery and enthuse about engineering to my pupils. Good luck with your new adventures Edd.

Maltozo    on 24 March 2017

Totally agree with most comments. A programme with MB just 'tooling around' in his often juvenile, irritable manner is not a programme I would want to watch. How many such similar progs have also been ruined by their inevitable 'mediarisation', hamming it up call it what you like? Reality programmes are cheap to make in the first place, that's why there are so many around but to then make cuts. Well, says it all doesn't it? Just save a heap more money and cut the whole 'new' show!

alan mackay    on 24 March 2017

the only reason to watch was edd bit, little fat fud running around shouting always just fast forward through.
a bit like the car sos and the big tit and fuzz the talent .

Joe Machado    on 24 March 2017

Edd China is an amazing guy. I have learned so much by watching the shows and following his detailed explanations. Mike is nothing without him. He, at best. is a mediocre car salesman that most of the time cannot close a deal. I am willing to bet that seaon 14 will be the last for Wheeler Dealers. I am looking forward to see Edd pop up somewhere in a new show.

   on 24 March 2017

I think Wheeler Dealers worked well with both Edd and Mike, they worked well together ... and if had been 90 minutes with more Edd stuff, it would have been even better!

Ljschalm    on 24 March 2017

As a gear head most of my life, Edd China gave me the confidence that tackling tough jobs was well within my reach. His ability to create this atmosphere was the core of the show. There are tons of Mike Brewers on TV, but very few Edd Chinas.

Discovery has done us all a disservice. If they think we tune in for South Beach Classic type shows they are seriously wrong.

Hopefully, Edd will show up elsewhere continuing the spirit of inspiring us the work with the oily bits...

old grumpy    on 24 March 2017

Well that's the end of another excellent car show. Edd was the saving grace of the show & held it together. Can't imagine 60 minutes of Brewer playing the idiot, good lord save us that. You only have to look what happened to Top Gear after the boys left or in one case, got the sack, a total disaster. Not worth switching the tv on to watch it. Why can't these tv companies get it right. That show Car SOS is another example. True enthusiast & talented mechanic Fuzz Townsend having to put up with that annoying clot & more to the point, we having to put up with him. Oh well I guess we'll have to suffer more of the American rubbish if we choose to watch it. Not me though.

Sigismund Pyssemolde    on 24 March 2017

I can imagine few things worse than allowing Mike Brewer more airtime - what annoying d***** which already spews forth from the "wheeler dealer" has blighted an otherwise extremely watchable programme for years. Without the detailed workshop pieces, and someone as clearly knowledgeable as Edd China to present them, the programme will be even more unwatchable than new Top Gear.

Joe Larsen    on 24 March 2017

Velocity would rather show old fogeys who have unspeakable amounts of money buying classic cars that the average Joe couldn't buy in a lifetime,throwing away their Viagra cause they get semi boners over a car.Bring back Edd China ,so we can see affordable repairs on average cars!

Robert Newton    on 24 March 2017

Why on earth change a formula that works. Idiots!

Barry Goldberg    on 24 March 2017

I discovered "Wheeler Dealers" about two months ago when surfing the how-to auto shows on "Velocity." With the loss of the many Saturday morning vehicle programs last year and prior to, "Wheeler Dealers"- and most specifically- Edd China- was a true find...
I could care less about what Mike Brewer has to do and say, save his supplying Edd with the proper parts for an ongoing episode. What Mike lacks in personality, Edd more than makes up for...
Edd performs his tasks with alacrity, personality, and is just so damn good at EVERYTHING he does. I read all the blogs prior to writing mine and agree with what everyone has to voice. Without Edd, there is no show. I have to remind myself from time-to-time that he does what he does with a camera- or two- in his face...
Edd does it all, from welding in a piece of sheet metal where rust once took its place, to performing countless tasks- in a logical manner- to determine why an engine won't start, or run, or run smoothly and effectively...
My bottom-line is: Edd, you will be sorely missed. I strongly hope you will reappear- on your own show, the "Edd China Hour." Until then, it's just a matter of time until I reset my DVR to not record all episodes of "Wheeler Dealers."...
Edd would do remarkably well in a classroom dedicated to teaching auto mechanics, except he would be grossly underpaid for his talent and rapport...
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Goldberg

   on 24 March 2017

I am very sorry that Edd is leaving Wheeler Dealers. The chemistry between Edd and Mike made the show entertaining It is a family show that appealed to everyone who is interested in automobiles and their operation and repair. I enjoyed Mike's wheeling and dealing as much as I did Edd's instructional mechanical work. The show will not be the same without Edd. I wish him and Mike well, but I fear that Wheeler Dealers will now disappear from the airwaves. I look forward to any new programs that Edd may begin. Maybe he and Mike can come up with another program. So sad to see you go Edd. Good luck Mike.

   on 24 March 2017

I watch wheeler dealers to see Ed work his magic on the ramp & because it's not clotted with brands. It's gritty down to earth engineering at its best. Ed my old China you will move on to bigger and much better things. Personally I will be giving their new advertising show a miss.

   on 25 March 2017

British Television vs American TV. British = Knowledge, Learning, Entertainment. American = Entertainment. When Gordon Ramsay had k****** Nightmares produced in the UK, I loved the show as it actually taught you how to run a business and the details that went into it. When it moved to the US I stopped. They made Gordon Ramsay more pompous and for me, they destroyed the show.

I have been watching Wheeler Dealers for more than 10 years and only because of Edd China. The Americans are taking out the educational aspect of teaching and showing which is what the USP of the show was. Now it may become another "Overhaulin", without any substance. I hope I am wrong.

   on 25 March 2017

From the first show I turned in some 11yrs ago, I found a refreshing difference in "auto-restoration" TV. As an American car lover, Wheeler Dealers introduced me to a whole new world of automotive makes and models which I have found very enjoyable. Edd is a master at simplifying the otherwise complicated world of back-yard mechanic and it's a shame that Big TV lacks the understanding to leave a good recipe alone.
Mike is entertaining and was a significant reason for the success of the show, but you can't have "Laurel" without "Hardy".
Good-bye to my favorite car show and good luck to both, perhaps a do-over is in their future.

The GalleGroup

Andrew Wunder    on 25 March 2017

I am done with the show. Simple... No Ed not interested. Somebody please give Ed a show of his own.. Hurry

paul collins    on 25 March 2017

Without the workshop bit and Ed China doing his stuff this show will become boring!

I only watch it for the workshop bits.

Sad day indeed!

Sandro Leandro    on 25 March 2017

I have a feeling Amazon has just scored yet another jackpot, thanks to ignorant, greedy TV execs. Watch this space...

Steve Blagg    on 25 March 2017

No one at Velocity seems to know what makes a good car show. The ONE decent show they had in their lineup, they couldn't leave well enough alone--so they bought it from Attaboy, turned it into a shell of its former self over the last couple seasons, and have now driven it into the ground completely by making it yet another ridiculous "car" show that's more about fake workshop drama and less about the true attraction of the show- Edd fiddling with the spanners.
See ya Wheeler Dealers, it's been a fabulous 13 seasons (well a fabulous 11 and a mediocre couple.) I certainly hold no ill will toward Mike or Ant and wish them the best, but it just won't be the same. Thanks Velocity for tanking a show you had no business messing with.

Roland Krost    on 25 March 2017

I have been watching WD since the first series when the budget was an eye watering £1000 to buy and restore the car!!
Watch those episodes now and compared to the latest ones the production values/budgets were obviously much lower. But that doesn't take away from their appeal and charm. To go from those early days to where they are now is an epic achievement and testament to the show's formula. Regardless of your opinions of Mike he has been a very large part in the show's success.

So why change that formula? Sadly it's the 'American Way' to use a successful platform as the basis for maximising the income and commercial potential of that platform. Nothing wrong with that if it stays true to the original. Sadly the outcome is often negative and I believe that's what will happen here. I'm also a big F1 fan and fear for the future of that for similar reasons. (Not that F1 is perfect as it is I know.) Only time will tell if it survives. Ant Anstead is a good replacement for Edd but I don't know if he has the same hands on engineering approach. Ant may just save the show. But I don't think it will be the same in the future, take Top Gear as an example.

Sad but understandable that Edd is going. Regardless of the change of direction he has been involved for a long time on the show and maybe it is time to move on to pastures new. Good luck to him whatever he goes on to do. Thanks to him for sticking with it for so long and I'll look forward to keeping up with his future exploits.

John Denison    on 25 March 2017

the drop in audience will get the advertisers attention but then it will be too late .

Hdjsj    on 25 March 2017

I think this has something to do with mike brewers ego
He seems to enjoy the limelight and big himself up

In my view an old school, out of date used car salesman

The kind we can do without!

juck    on 26 March 2017

PLease sign the petition and share! Let's get Ed China on Top Gear!

Laurieb    on 26 March 2017

As so many have said, Edd was the real reason for watching WD. I learned so much from watching Edd's methodical, practical and expert methods. It won't be WD without him. He was serious about the show's premise of teaching rather than presenting drama. He made it a reality show without the usual "reality" show staged silliness.

Clive James    on 26 March 2017

Mike Brewer was entertaining and very watchable but, Ed's knowledge, skill and presentation made the show different, fun and brilliantly entertaining. Many would say valuable as viewers would gain something from Ed in terms of elementary mechanics. To have the skills that Ed clearly has takes years but, to be able to present and demonstrate this is on TV is a real talent.
C James

john 9021    on 26 March 2017

Clive you are right in every aspect about Ed. Unfortunately the show will never be the same without Ed he was like a teacher that students would like and his methods were second to none.

It was also obvious that he loved the show and put his heart and soul into it. When someone takes a car today for a service I always wonder how it comes back so quickly but its easy to tick a box and stamp a book where Ed would take his time and do the job efficiently. I possibly will not watch the show again but will look for Ed
Ed take care and the best of luck.

Mr Kevin Hill    on 26 March 2017

A Real sad loss to the programme. Typical of American's taking on a British programme and turning it for the American Market. Shame on them. When are they going to learn that T.V. entertainment is not about the cost it is about the content. I just hope Ed can manage to start another show with British cars for the British Public. We are very thin on the ground when it comes to showing us petrol heads how to work on cars and I have thoroughly enjoyed Ed's contribution to this of the last few years. Good Luck Ed.

Ralph Edelbach    on 26 March 2017

I too am disappointed to see that WD has lost Edd China.

Even though we had to live in a fantasy world where Edd's skill and labor was not calculated into the costs to restore a vehicle, making any "profits" imaginary to a large extent, it was a very enjoyable show. Edd and Mike seemed to get along well, at least what was shown on TV.

Edd was very gracious in explaining why he choose to leave the show. Like many others, I wish him the best of luck in the future.

However, none of us should be surprised that Velocity or whoever decided they are not making enough $$$ and either automate or off-shore as many of their production costs as they can. Republicans and capitalists call that progress.

I anxiously await seeing what Donald will do to stop that from happening in the future now that he is in charge. After all, he is a very smart person.

Tom Silzer    on 27 March 2017

Tom Silzer, S&S BUGGIES,
The instructional part of Wheeler Dealers is what made the show for me. Also, I appreciate the fact that WD did not allow the the 4 letter vocabulary to portray mechanics as people whose language is limited to 4 letter words. Then the producers replace the 4 letter words with beeps that draw attention to the fact that another mechanic has succumbed to the use of profanity rather than intellectual verbage. I have been a mechanic all my life, and I don't like TV people potraying mechanics as illiterate, foul mouthed low lifes. I really apprecite Edd's nonuse of this language up until lately when they started adding this language in the credits. There is NO PLACE FOR THIS 4 LETTER GARBAGE on TV.

EDD, please let me know what will be your next TV show is so I can watch some decent car show TV programs without language and the conflict and drama the TV producers think people want to watch. I much prefer people working together to achieve a goal. I can name many shows that have died because the writers think viewers want to see conflict. There is no place for that drama in the workplace and this was never allowed in my shop. I have worked as a Mechanical Project Engineer in 25 diiferent countries, and I never allowed that on any of my job sites. In 50 years, no one was ever hurt working for me.

James Winter    on 27 March 2017

I watched the program from the beginning and it wasn't to see Mike it was to listen and see how Edd worked on the cars showing us how easy it was to keep cars on the road if it wasn't for Edd many of my mates wouldn't have there cars still and my dad wouldn't of had his old yacht engine rebuilt by me

Roger Dixon    on 27 March 2017

Obviously Velocity's dipstick does not go to the bottom of the sump. Any fool can sell a car,BUT it takes skill to repair it.

   on 27 March 2017

Edd was the best part of the show and watching him solve problems reminded me of how I learned to solve problems and do the work. I do like other customization and restoration shows on Velocity, but this was the best.

Barry Mallard    on 27 March 2017

They have said it all!
The show was brilliant, but as is almost inevitable in modern times, do-nothing, nobody accountants, and producers who talk the talk but never listen, have ruined the day.
These people are always on Transmit, never on Receive!
Another one of TV's great shows gone.
Nobody but nobody wants to watch the Pratt Brewer pretending to be a lad, and just about everybody I know fast-forwards his bits, so I suspect with Ed gone, we won't even bother to switch on.
Good luck Ed, but I am afraid that Wheeler Dealers, like the old Top Gear, will be consigned to the pulp TV bin from now on.
Well done Velocity, not that you will ever consider your clients, I hope you go broke!

oldskoolkel    on 27 March 2017

Velocity Idiots, No disrespect to Mr Brewer as I think the paring works really well, and is a very watchable show. but as already said hundreds of times above my comment, why change what works? People watch for the simplified mechanics on the great old classic cars - it is 100% why I watch and record the shows. I am sure Mr China will pop up elsewhere and WD will just eventually disappear.
surely ruining a show doesn't save money, surely once no one watches it anymore that must be losing them money?
I for one will give it a miss once the mechanics side of the show dwindles, so that is another viewer gone.....

RJP41    on 27 March 2017

Typical management interference in things they do not fully under stand we see it in a lot of things up to government etc.As a time served ex mechanic I found it interesting to see Edd solve problems and carry out fixes that was the show like others have said more recently to much American stuff ,we need to see old UK classics brought back to life it was the only reason I watched it not for a silly sales person trying to be funny (not ) .Iam sure Edd will find hopefully his own show there is a huge classic market and growing in this country good luck

Nolan E Hargrave    on 27 March 2017

Glad to see him go. He hates America and especially Americans. But, he is doing well for a grease monkey......

Bilboman    on 29 March 2017

Hardly a grease monkey. Edd has an engineering degree, is the managing director of two companies, holds six Guinness World Records and he is an experienced special effects technician, mechanic and until very recently has been co-presenter of the world's biggest motoring programme.

Steve Stevenson    on 27 March 2017

The show's interest to me is the synergy between Mike's skill in acquiring cars AND parts, and then Edd's talent in repair, making it easy to understand his repairs, and sometimes redeeming Mike's purchases. And who wouldn't want Edd to work in their car? In this case 1 + 1 equals MUCH more than 2. Sadly, Velocity will upset viewers on both sides of the pond with this change.

Greg Cundiff    on 27 March 2017

Mike's a nice guy. I enjoy watching him get all excited over a test drive or trying a hand at running a media blaster or rebuilding a gadget. But I tune in to watch Ed snap on his gloves and get to work. He's the high school auto shop teacher I never had.

   on 27 March 2017

This article is spot on. The last 13 years of my life, I have enjoyed this show with the highlight being watching Edd showing how to fix these things, and what you can do in your garage vs what you need to have a professional do. It's a shame that the show will never be the same without Edd's fixes...

Grahame Cowan    on 27 March 2017

I am disappointed that Mike Brewer did not leave the show with ED!! Do a British Bake off type of thing, another production company would have picked them up on their terms. Would not bad mouth Mr Brewer as he did contribute to the show, there was an opportunity for them both to put themselves in the shop window which alas has not been taken!

Yawner    on 27 March 2017

Huge mistake by Velocity. I just can't understand the rationale. "Lets buy something that works really well, is popular and tried and tested. Then we'll change it! Briliant!".

zedicus    on 27 March 2017

C'est vraiment dommage, je regarde depuis quelques mois en France Weeler dealers, et j'adore! Le départ de Edd prouve une fois de plus que la production n'a rien compris aux attentes de ses téléspectateurs! Edd tu va me manquer!

André Zlobinski    on 27 March 2017

Absolutely spot on. I watch Wheeler Dealers for the mechanics,not Mike. If Velocity want to reduce the time showing the mechanics of the cars then I truly believe that this is the end for Wheeler Dealers.
It's the biggest mistake they made.
I do not understand that Mike also would quit.
They should start over in the UK as it was.
Not the last series where the tryed to be funny on the show,
Also someting from Velosity.
Be your selfs, that was the power of the show.

I will miss it as hell,

For me, it kept me on track in my Illness when I layed day's, weeks and monthts in bed and Wheeler dealers was my almost only comfort to go on !!.
And now this.
A verry verry big loss, at least for me, and I think for many more.
I still hoped that Wheelr Dealers would go on for maybe 10 Years more.

But Edd, I wish you alle the best and hopefully you can start an show of your own like Wheeler Dealers and maybe, maybe Mike will wake up, or his wife will wake him up,and do it together with AttaBoy angain.
What a loss.
Remember Top Gear, that also was a Fiasco at the restart.

Ron Wasmuth    on 27 March 2017

I own a 1974 Triumph Spitfire and have spent a considerable amount of time restoring it. I learned a lot from Edd and he also gave me confidence.
The only reason that I watched the show was to see him perform his miracles in the shop. I only wish I had even a quarter of the knowledge and expertise that Edd possesses.
Even my wife, who has zero interest in mechanics, watched the show with me often simply because of Edd China.
It is sad to see him leave, but I don't blame him. As for me, I'm gone, too. No more Wheeler Dealers on my schedule.
I'm looking forward to seeing Edd on his Utube videos.

Mike Jackson    on 27 March 2017

Wheeler Dealers will be rubbish with less mechanical repairs being featured, why do Velocity not understand that it is the USP of the show, it is why it has survived and become a world class show. We get sick and b***** tired of false jeopardy and unrealistic time limits and presenters who act the fool. What Ed has done is make it real without being condescending, it is not dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and does not have to be. I truly admire Ed for his integrity and I will follow him wherever he goes next and will consign the new Wheeler Dealers to the also ran pile.

Jim Clark    on 27 March 2017

Edd China = class act. He has been a true gentleman all through this announcement and the backlash.

I will miss WD I the future, but we have Edd's next project(s) to look forward to enjoying, who knows, with free creative control Edd may really boggle our minds.

Gary Graham    on 27 March 2017

Among my past cars, I owned a '47 Ford, '31 Chevy, '71 TR-6, 2 TR-4A, '01 Corvette, and currently own '15 Corvette Stingray. I learned something. On event WD show from Edd China. Could care less about the rest. Let us know what show Edd is on and I'm a viewer.

Thanassis Parnassas    on 27 March 2017

The show wasn't the same since it moved to California. Is was obvious the production wanted to reduce Edd's contribution. Personally I already missed the European character of the show. Edd, I am sure you will find a better home, where we will be able to enjoy your incredible engineering and spirit!

Carlton Brown    on 27 March 2017

I give WD one more season and they're finished. To remove or reduce the most appealing aspect of the show will be its death knell.

Philip Braithwaite    on 27 March 2017

All a dreadful shame but the writing was on the wall during the last 2 series. I enjoyed the UK based shows with Mike's searching , buying and the trips out to small specialist businesses. Above all it was the chemistry between the two and the UK shows had a less scripted feel about them. Also Edd China restored my confidence as a mechanic, a trade I left 35 years ago. Good luck to both of them.

   on 27 March 2017

Terribly disappointed that Edd left. Please know that many of us American viewers enjoyed Wheeler Dealers the way it WAS, originally! Twenty years ago, there was no shortage of "how-to" auto repair shows on Saturday here in the US. It was like a grown-up version of Saturday morning cartoons. Now it's been overtaken by all these high end classic car auctions and personality-driven "reality" car shows. It's sad to see yet another informative car show become less so...

Jason james    on 27 March 2017

I have met Ed and Mike a few times here in Huntington Beach and feel neither work on their own as Wheeler Dealer. I think both these guys should do a Top Gear and leave the show and start up again on something like Amazon. I would follow them if they did that but have no time for a show ripped apart. Farewell WD and you big lanky b***** ED :-)

Steve Williams    on 27 March 2017

Wheeler dealers is finished now really, the format was perfect, losing some of the workshop airtime is a big mistake. Hope Edd gets a show of his own, come on Amazon.

Johnny Skoust    on 27 March 2017

That just SUX! Edd China will be missed, and Wheeler Dealers will never be the same again. Sadly! :'-(

Adrian worthy    on 27 March 2017

Adrian worthy
I have watched almost every episode of w/d and learnt so many helpfull things from ed
I have met both ed and mike in person and there chemistry both on and off screen was brilliant
Edd leaving will be the slippery slope down hill for the show and i hope that he can make some kind of show on his own
I for one will watch it

   on 27 March 2017

no ed, no watchy . just like the "new" top gear you just can't replace the backbone of the show and expect no-one to notice. typical American corporate mentality, I'll just fiddle with this or that and make it better ... NOT

Norberto Barbieri    on 27 March 2017

Sono un restauratore di Auto D'epoca da 35 anni e ritengo che la figura di Edd China sia fondamentale per la serie.La sua semplicità e competenza in affrontare problemi di officina appassionava a tutti, me compresso. La serie senza di lui a perso di interese

Mark K    on 27 March 2017

Edd was the mainstay of the show, and his mechanics sections of the show were the reason i tuned in. Its an integral part of the show, and with less of it it dilutes the winning formula down to a point where it becomes just a buying and selling program, with the cars just being given a spit and polish inbetween.
I'm sure Ant Anstead will give it his best, as I liked him in "For the love of cars", and he is a formidable mechanic, but without the same amount of in depth "How we did it" for him to work on, I think it will be the death Knell of the program.
I mean, I would watch re-runs of the show time and time again, but I couldn't care less about watching the series that Mike did, "Trading Up", which was him buying and selling with a little bit of him doing the cars up inbetween to get a "supercar"
Thanks.....but No Thanks
Edd, I wish you all the best and hope to see you in your own show.

Dennis McGinley    on 27 March 2017

Penny wise and pound foolish. Wheeler Dealers wasn't broken! It seems that a great future may have been jeopardized by a gaggle of bean counters. It also seems Edd's fans are more loyal than his long time friend, Mike. That's really the sad part.

Craig carling    on 27 March 2017

Why should the oily bits be expensive to make? Mighty car mods have been producing high quality video for years on a shoestring. Edd is the only reason to watch the show. Mike is just the annoying sidekick.

   on 27 March 2017

R.I.P wheeler dealers. Another great show destined to the scrap heap.

John Hanson    on 27 March 2017

It will become a fitters show not a mechanics

gerry1945    on 27 March 2017

Thanks Ed for all the programs, Mike without Ed I think you might find yourself on the dole !

   on 27 March 2017

Show will end up like Top Gear, down the drain. Mike should team up with Edd and not sold out to Velocity. They could have their own new show at any worldwide channel.
I hope, that Edd will continue inspiring us, the driveway mechanics.

Andrew Kidger    on 27 March 2017

Having watched wheeler dealers from the beginning i can't believe Edd is being replaced, Edd's spanner work is the backbone of the show and the reason i watch it and again it all seems to come down to saving money, this is a massive shame, sure Ant Antstead will probably do a good job but without Edd it's just not the same, can't believe Mike is happy just to carry on without Edd, ive lost interest already and I'm sure alot of people will feel the same, NOT HAPPY. GOOD LUCK EDD AND GET A NEW SHOW GOING,IL WATCH IT ALL DAY LONG!!

Edited by Andrew Kidger on 27/03/2017 at 19:31

Hans van Hooijdonk    on 27 March 2017

What a pity that the tall guy has left. He was the anchor man of the show. I hope that international TV producers have recognised Edd's skills and offer him a second career. I am sure that all watchers of Wheeler Dealers will give their support to Edd. The most interesting part of the show was the in detail technical restoration. Edd thank you very much for your fabulous TV work. I will follow your YouTube channel, but hope for your second TV CAReer

Edited by Hans van Hooijdonk on 27/03/2017 at 19:31

   on 27 March 2017

I grew up with a grandfather who did an apprenticeship in motor mechanic and ended up having his own business and a father who also enjoyed working on cars. Edd reminds me so much of these 2 very important people that were in my life that I am so disappointed that he is being so blatantly cut down by the narrow mindedness of the production company just to allegedly save money!!!! Me and my husband watch the programme generally but it will definitely not be the same without him ????????

Neil woodwatd    on 27 March 2017

Both men were an essential part of the show but I always like the early shows where they bought a £1000 banger and turned it into a desirable modern classic. Edd did give me confidence to tackle jobs I wouldn't have considered before. Another great car show ruined.

Bob Faulkner    on 27 March 2017

Velocity apparently do not understand what made the show so popular. After they acquired the production rights, their first action was to cut back on the one thing that made the show worth watching. I couldn't care less about watching Mike buy and sell yet another "crackin' motor", or listening to him overreact during the test drive. The mechanical work was the reason that I tuned in. Edd taught us not only how to fix things, but also how to determine what was causing a problem. Even my wife, who is by no means an automotive enthusiast, watched WD with me because it was entertaining, and Edd explained things in ways that non-automotive types could easily understand. I will give the new show a couple of episodes, but I suspect that Velocity have effectively killed Wheeler Dealers.

Edited by Bob Faulkner on 27/03/2017 at 20:17

Skrill    on 27 March 2017

As an American woman who knows nothing about cars (and doesn't really care either) I actually liked this show. I liked Edd and watching the magic he could work. Sounds like I can take Velocity of my "favorites" list on my remote.

Mark S Maynard    on 27 March 2017

Until Edd came along I would never have tackled a rust spot, now I know how to prep the spot and fill if needed ( a golf ball and a pea). I for one will be watching for coming attractions from Mr China!!

Ronald Rosquist    on 27 March 2017

I always fast forward the first part to the point were Edd starts in and then I get the meat and potatoes. Guess I won't be watching the series any more, dip S@#@.

Conal.G    on 27 March 2017

alan mackay 3 days ago

"little fat fud" superb!!!!!

Ian Allsop    on 27 March 2017

Ed will be sorely missed, his mechanical knowledge is immense,whatever vehicle they had to deal with he sorted them.Hopefully we will see him soon in another great program,it is a shame they are changing the programs format this is what people watch it for.All the best for the future Edd !!

Chas Loew    on 27 March 2017

Edd was the reason I watched the show. I learned some useful tips from him. Edd's part was the essential substance of the show. Edd was the painting and Mike was just the frame. It'll be kinda pointless without him!

   on 27 March 2017

Un programma così senza Edd, è come un film porno senza le scene di sesso... Edd rimarrai sempre nei nostri cuori... Il programma affari a quattro ruote così come verrà strutturato avrà vita breve...

   on 27 March 2017

Totally agree, Edd was the only bit of the show worth watching. Brewer sticking out his hand awkwardly trying to buy a car off a lad he found from eBay wasn't why anyone watches. In fact most episodes where the profit was only a couple hundred pounds made me feel like it wasn't fair to the real hard work Edd put into the cars. He didn't o ly make it look good but I saw episodes where he pretty much swapped out every part on a car just so it could turn £500 profit.

allan wynne    on 27 March 2017

be great if a tv company had the balls to do a similar program and hire ed china

All2kool    on 27 March 2017

I watched to see how to fix a car - not how to sell one. Anyone can list and sell off a car. The show will not survive without the in-depth coverage of the repairs.

James Peter Brett    on 28 March 2017

Ed China IS Wheeler Dealers to me.

TBH, I could quite happily miss all the rubbish that Mike Brewer dose in regards to buying and selling (it's not entertaining, skilled, or educational).

TBH I suspect this is the beginning of the end for wheeler dealers, which considering the demise of BBC's Top Gear since the 3 amigo's moved away from the BBC (for one reason or another), Wheeler Dealers has been the only motoring show I find entertaining.

I have tried watching Chasing Classic cars, and the Classic Car show, and tbh I find them as exciting as watching paint dry.

I hope another production company has the good sense to hire Ed China for their show.

Hemi Jim    on 28 March 2017

Well Guess I will not be tuning into this show ever again. Edds' information was always spot on and he also showed an economical way to fix the fiddly bits.

Please post when Edd has his own show. Come to the USA Edd.

allein    on 28 March 2017

the bean counters have won again and it really does not make sense and never will
The show is dead now like many I am not interested in the first ten minutes we know the formula but the work shop is always different problems and interesting how ed fixes them

So if that part is reduced well I will find some thing else to do like paint the house or wash the car sort of thing

Thanks for the great memories

   on 28 March 2017

This is the lamest decision I have ever heard. The best part of the show was Edd. Mikes deals would all be s*** if it wasn't for 80 hours per car of free labor from his buddy who he degradingly calls "son" . Edd deserves his own show anyway. In the meantime- everyone buy some orange gloves from him until he gets that next gig!

Jeffrey Mayer    on 28 March 2017

I started watching here in the USA what a decade ago almost.and was hooked. I rarely record anything, but do WD. The quaint charm of the show was 2 guys, in the UK..buying and fixing up cars to eek out a living. They ham and egged it so well, Mike did the buying with extreme enthusiasm..Edd was the competent mechanic who could pull a rabbit out his fanny when a repair seemed impossible given the budget. The most foolish thing they could have done is "take the money and run" to the US...Then it becomes just another contrived silly scripted stupid cable tv show of tarts repairing a car in America....along with those dimwitted twit females ! It's all about location, location,location..and the show ought to have remained in the UK. When you bring something to the US it gets F__KED UP ! sorry...we asshole Americans think we know best when we barely know nothing.
Find another production company, go back from whence you came from....
NOS " New Old Stock" ..good luck Edd !

Barbara Easton    on 28 March 2017

For me, I gained garage lingo, a new language about cars and how things work. Now when hanging out with my boys I can contribute a bit with possible solutions and understand way more about what they're talking about!! Our catch phrase.... What Would Edd Do... WWEDDD - we need bracelets or bandannas!
Looking forward to both new adventures!

Ekho    on 28 March 2017

Edd is the reason I started watching "Wheeler Dealers" a few months ago. True, Edd & Mikes chemistry is kitchy, but honestly, Edd makes the show. Sorry Mike, but without "the tall man", you're just another used car salesman. Velocity, you might want to start paying very close attention to your viewers opinions, or you're going to have to start trimming your salaries, because no one will be watching.....

Kevin Garstad    on 28 March 2017

Unbelievable the details of Edds repairs and explanations is what made the show different from all others. I'll miss you Edd. Mike you're a gentleman, I met you at Barrett Jackson last year but please convince Velocity to undo what they've done. ??

Fabio    on 28 March 2017

I love both of them (Mike and Edd), but obviously the reason I watch the show is the works done by Edd... I had the feeling that I won't see Wheeler Dealers in the future... very sad decision from Velocity

   on 28 March 2017

Less workshop action! Might as well watch gas monkeys... The title said it all, Wheeler Dealers
Wheeling and dealing, little money, a good dose of cheeky bargaining, good skill on the tools. A bit of profit to show for your work, and the knowledge a car that would be scrapped, is good for another few years... I miss that in the later shows. My favourite was the first mini, now Mike looks like a business man and there's less of Edd... Limit the budget to about 4K for everything, make sure Mike and Ant have a plan, then send Mike away to get parts etc. Let him see the finished product only...

   on 28 March 2017

I shan't watch this show again - everyone agrees Edd's part was the most interesting. Mind you I never believed their 'costs' as they never included any of his time which sometimes ran to days and days & gave a very unrealistic idea of the total cost of their projects. Also some of the 'buyers' of the refurbed vehicles seemed a bit suspect & it all seemed a bit of a set up. But if you took it all with a pinch of salt, it was great fun & good entertainment. Won't be the same.

   on 28 March 2017

Wheeler Dealers without Edd is like stockings without suspenders, it'll never hold up! Huge opportunity for another network to snap him up. Edd was the only reason I watched WD.

Bill Johnstone    on 28 March 2017

Really hoping Ed will get his own show, cmon Ed show em how it should be done

Dale Eble    on 28 March 2017

Mike is a loveable goofball. Edd actually taught us things. He was right to move on.

MBAs are ruining our TV car shows. They killed Overhaulin. I suspect Edd's departure will have a negative impact on the brand. I hope at least as the money men obviously don't understand WHY we watch these shows. I for one will be tuning out as a little Mike goes a long long way.

Betty Engel    on 28 March 2017

Edd China's work was the real draw to the show. He was informative and entertaining. Mike's buying and selling was interesting but the workshop was why we watch the program. He wasn't yelling and screaming or creating controversy, he did the work while telling us what was going on and why...and what the pitfalls were.
REALLY Velocity....you have made a huge mistake by going in the new direction.

Drew Scherz    on 28 March 2017

I will add my voice to the others saying Edd and his work are the primary reason I watch Wheeler Dealers. I live in the USA and Wheeler Dealers was one of the few car shows I watched. The others are mostly all contrived and fake. Do I want to see someone install a giant subwoofer in the back of some obnoxious "restoration" or watch Edd explain why and how he's resolving a front suspension issue. Nothing against Mike at all as he was part of the duo that made the show unique. I always enjoyed his explanations as well, but I'll be looking for whatever Edd does next. I just hope I can see it here in the USA. Edd, if you are ever in Austin, Texas I'd love to say hi. I own an E-Type because of you.

   on 28 March 2017

Edd gave people courage. It is a very human emotion. If the programme makers remove the emotion they will loose the very thing that people buy in to. It will become another piece of American Wallpaper. Edd had the ability to remain authentic and that is the most compelling attribute of any brand. No Edd? I switch off

   on 28 March 2017

Maybe Edd & mike can take their show to a different network?

Malcolm Dixon    on 28 March 2017

"Wheeler" comes first in the title for good reason. Without the shop' and SPECIFICALLY Edd China the show would have just been "Dealers" and that is not something I would watch.

I have learned and have been entertained so much by WD. I am a man, a father and a combat veteran but I must say it kind of hurts, like the ending of a relationship to learn of the change. Maybe I'll go secretly shed a tear into a grip of shop towels and hope to see a show more suited to true Motor Heads (US) and Petrol Heads (UK).

Cheers to you Edd. You rock.

Daveservati    on 29 March 2017

We've been watching this show over in the states for years now and the only real part of the show that we got enjoyment from was watching Ed work on the cars it's a shame. First Top Gear show gets messed up by the BBC and now this show gets messed up by velocity what's a yank to do?

Edited by Daveservati on 29/03/2017 at 01:32

Andrew Kinser    on 29 March 2017

I have watched the show for years. Not only was it enjoyable to watch but I actually learned things. Now that Edd is gone so is the enjoyment and the education on repairs I got from time to time. This was the best car show going and now they have killed it! I will no longer be watching this show!!!

Sadtomato    on 29 March 2017

Well we all know that Edd was the star of the show and Mike "Old out yer and" Brewer was the sidekick! I always thought they should have made a 'reverse' episode whey Edd bought the car and Mike had to get his hands dirty! I'm sure that Ant Anstead will be great at the workshop stuff but if the emphasis is reduced if won't be as interesting. I guess that WD will go the same way as Car SOS, a show that gets it wrong as they spend too much time on theatrical stuff at the start and the end with ridiculous 'hand backs'.

Rodney Kent    on 29 March 2017

I completely understand Edd's decision to leave WD. The show has gone downhill since moving to the US. The fans want to see Edd working on everyday cars, using ordinary tools. I for one will not be watching the show if Edd is not in it. Watching Edd work his magic took me back to my teenage years when I used to work on old Ford's with my dad. He also inspired me to start a nut and bolt restoration of an old motorcycle, now I am semi retired. I look forward to seeing your next project Edd, whatever that may be.

hamish blackwood    on 29 March 2017

Every few years a genius is revealed on TV , Edd was sutch a man . I hope on hope we will see him in something new very soon ! .For me its back to channel surfing trying in vain to find something to watch and Wheeler Dealers will now probably be a five minute watch and move on program . A great shame . Hamish

samnash    on 29 March 2017

I would love somebody to tell me how Ataboy productions lost the programme to Velocity, the beginning of the end in my opinion. I presumed that Ataboy owned the show, did they sell it lock stock and barrel to Discovery who brought it in house with Velocity? If anybody knows, please post it.

   on 29 March 2017

More of the same. Loved the format and liked the balance between the two, and because it was a show for people who wanted to learn how to do stuff, where to get stuff. I tried but failed to watch the programme Mike did on his own buyng cars around the world, and I really can't be bothered with Ant Anstead at all, so for me, I'll be waiting for Edd to come back on another show, and looking out for him at the car shows. Good luck with whatever you do next Edd

Robin Lewis    on 30 March 2017

Ed. You are an incredible educator and it is clear to anyone who tunes into the show (despite the team behind you) that you have enormous talent for your subject and a real gift for imparting your knowledge. You'll always be a success. Good luck mate. Greatly look forward to tuning into your next venture.

   on 30 March 2017

As most people have already said, No Ed No Show. It ahs already biased towards USA. They might as well have the show now & keep it

Bill Jones

Ray Lancefield    on 31 March 2017

WD was a very entertaining and informative show. Edd did his best to explain sometimes very complex systems and how they work. So very educational and inspirational. MB's input was was at best infantile and annoying – always stating how wonderful he was at getting a good sale price, only always giving in and getting less than he suggested getting. It would be much better to give Edd and his near silent sidekick Paul their own show. It would be relevant in a world where high servicing costs and throwaway ideals are so ruinous in the automotive market. Edd you have support judging by the various comments made here!

Jerry Jacobsen    on 31 March 2017

If it hadn't been for Ed, I would have never taken on both a Maserati Merak or Lotus Esprit Turbo. He gave me the courage to jump in and give it my best shot. Though not always successful on my own, my backyard mechanic skills are better than ever. My wife has already committed to not watching the show if Ed is not present. Here's to you Ed, hopefully you will get your own show soon.

Ray howell    on 1 April 2017

Just what the b***** hell is hapening with these TV programmes that we love to watch the BBC completely messed up top gear it is now totally unwatchable and now we are expected to listen to mike brewer trying to knock a few quid off of a second hand car come on anyone can do that but try and make them saleable it took Ed to do that.

JontyW    on 3 April 2017

How I agree with so many of the comments already made!

Mike Brewer was the disaster here - what an arrogant and disrespectful twit he was. Sack him, keep Edd and the programme would have gone from strength to strength.
Col Wood

Mac Hutton    on 4 April 2017

Mac H

I've watched WD for around 8 years and marvelled at Edd's natural gift for diagnosing, repairing and infusing life back into cars from different eras ... all explained in easy to understand language. MB was the out-of-tune old school banger ... "see what I did there?"

Judging by the number of personal views expressed, authentic car lovers were really the core audience in the UK... not pseudo reality show voyeurs. The new owner Velocity obviously thinks it can tweak the show's format to attract a larger audience (principally American), more interested in non-car stuff. Good luck with that piece of corporate thinking then.

A great shame for Edd to be separated from his loyal audience, although a modest man of such diverse talents will already have his own plans in place to further his career. Let us all hope that includes more televised spanner work, inspirational restorations ... and a technical explanation as to how he persuades his hair to defy gravity while simultaneously changing colour! Just please stay away from the exhaust fumes of an ailing Top Gear.

Edd can "walk tall" at the end of this sad episode, more than can be said for the quality of educational broadcasting.

Ewan Macpherson    on 7 April 2017

Here we go again Velocity haven't got a clue.
Why do you think Wheeler Dealers has done so well... it wasn't Mikes pretty face. IT WAS QUALITY and the information content from Ed, something that Velocity obviously know nothing about.

Another show wrecked by corporate greed and complete lack of awareness of what the public actually want to see. So I suppose we are left with watching Chasing Classic cars, seems the only one left that isn't a soap opera or reality TV.
Good luck Ed with whatever you choose to do.

   on 13 April 2017

Mike and Edd were a good combination. I think everyone will agree that the most interesting part was watching and learning about the mechanics and build of the vehicles. I have learnt loads and hope Edd goes on to make his own show which I would definitely watch in preference to wheeler dealers with its new mechanic whoever he is.

Alan Youel    on 14 April 2017

What a shame that the production company have completely missed the point of what made the show such a success. Mike, being the 'dealer', obviously starts and ends the process by picking the car and selling on at the end. But it has always been Edd, with his easy style, breaking down the complexities of the motor vehicle, identifying and then fixing the issues, which has been the real draw.

To reduce the amount of air time given to the mechanical aspect, takes away from the show's USP. Losing this, and Edd China, will certainly make it less interesting for me.

I'll be watching out for Edd appearing in another vehicle, as opposed to Wheeler Dealers without him.

BeagsX2    on 16 April 2017

Defo Edd that made the show and his fixes were very informative. I ended up getting my MK1 XR2 back on the road thanks to this legend. Good luck with your future endeavours Edd and you'll defo be missed on wheeler dealers

Eric Lane    on 17 April 2017

I just Cannot believe they want to mess with something that works. It would be the same if God decided the heart or mind should work in a different way, Unthinkable

TonyElyod    7 days ago

Buy a Car for £4000
Buy Parts for £850

Spend 190 hrs on Labour...

"We sold the car for £4950..Jobs a goodin"...??


davidHB    6 days ago

China is that rare combination of a skilful technician and an articulate presenter. Taking the program as a whole, I found Mike Brewer a little tedious with his constant low-balling of sellers, invariably followed by odious cackling after money had changed hands as to how cheap he had managed to buy it for and there was of course the "elephant in the room" in so far as final selling prices of vehicles never seem to include costing of China's labours. Nonetheless, I was a big fan of the programme, and this was all due to Ed China. I hope he finds a more suitable vehicle for his talents in the future.

Neil Mitchell    6 days ago

Millions of Mike Brewers around! Edd China's are rare as hen's teeth!
He will be sorely missed by those of us who still understand and enjoy classic car maintenance and repair "Reality shows" on modern mediocre television programs. Hope to see more of E China in future - but doubt he will get the chance to do what he does so well................. better learn to cook 'my china'!

UnknowUzer    4 days ago

Honestly I found Mike to be quite irritating to watch. I tuned in to watch the work being done by Edd, and because they featured cars that the everyday man could relate with, instead of million dollar supercars, and/or antiques.
The cars on WD were cars that the average joe either has owned, currently owns, or could easily own. This made the show very relatable.

pants man ice    3 days ago

I must have watched every program, and the re-repeats, and was a good format.
Ed has certainly improved over the programs, going from a keen lanky lad, to a confident experienced presenter. (quite funny to see the physical transformation as well!). Although sad to see it stop, I am confident Ed, will find something as equally challenging and interesting to do, and hopefully free to view!

marcus hamblin    2 days ago

Edd China just needs a toolbox and a ramp and his own show. He just has to move on without the fat cling on. Whatever Edd China does will be a winner.

William Cole    2 days ago

I agree with most everyone on this thread!!! Edd is the heart and soul of Wheeler Dealers. It amazes me that Velocity decided to cut production costs in the way they did. Edd has the best segments. They are enjoyable to watch and are incredibly informative. I don't understand why bean counters always stick their noses in things where they don't belong. Wheeler Dealers had a winning formula that took them from obscurity to global stardom. To tinker with that in any way is idiotic and will soon lead to the demise of what was my favorite show on television. Edd will be sorely missed! My only hope is that another network has the foresight to pick him up & create another car or motorcycle show. I love watching the creative ways in which Edd solves problems. I have to say that Edd's YouTube video explaining his departure from the show exhibited his true professionalism and class. I hope to see you in your own show soon!!! Good luck Edd!!!

Peter Shulver    yesterday

I must support all the comments regarding both Mike and Ed but I still watched it for Ed and Mike was just doing the intro bits .The show started south when they went to the USA full time ! All the best Ed in you future endeavor's I will certainly watch them. Not sure i will follow the path of MB.

Lord Zen    5 hours ago

Just come to this story, I'm horrified at what the programme will become. I used to put up with the Mike Brewer repetitive cliche dialogue and tedious shots of him looking at car ads to get to the real meat of it for me, the actual mechanics of a master car engineer working on practical fixes. I say used because I probably won't watch it now. I would guess that, envious of Top Gear type shows and thinking to move away from grease and spanners, the producers have made a wrong turn to cut costs I mean 'develop' the show. Whoever decided this should think about another career.

Max Washington    3 hours ago

I also think Edd China was totally right to leave the programme...

I honestly think that without Edd China, Wheeler Dealers will die....
All the best Edd China and I hope to see you on another format Car programme soon......

Lake District    19 minutes ago

Let's face it, Mike Brewer's piece to camera with the "seller" usually came across as being so heavily practiced, scripted and cliched... 'old ahhhh yer aaand - aaah'll give yer a bag o' sand for that'

Basically Mike usually appeared to be a caricature acting the role of geezer used car dealer. Whereas Edd was entirely authentic and passionate about making car restoration approachable. Edd, you'll be sorely missed.

Edited by Lake District on 25/04/2017 at 23:20

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