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A Grand Monday: Vauxhall Omega

Published 06 March 2017

Vauxhall Omegas are unquestionably one of the bargain buys at the moment. Huge, capable, well-spec’d and cheap – if you’re after an up and coming classic to clock up the miles in, then you could do a lot worse than put this big Vauxhall workhorse on your drive. 

Launched in 1994, the Omega is part of a market that no longer exists – the large, non-premium, executive car. And make no mistake – they are huge. Five adults can be easily accommodated and there’s plenty of room in the boot for their luggage.

While never as sharp as their German rivals, the Omega was at least rear wheel drive. Body roll came as standard but the steering was positive and well-weighted enough for the occasional B-road blast. But this was a car designed for long motorway cruising – something which it did brilliantly.

This 2000 Vauxhall Omega 2.0i 16v GLS is for sale at £560. For that, you get a car with under 100k on the clock and loads of kit – radio/cassette with CD auto-changer, alloy wheels, air con, central locking, electric everything, traction control, power steering… the lot.

Vauxhall Omega (5)

It’s been well looked after, too, with a recent full service. Other work includes new brake discs front and rear, belts, exhaust, battery and tyres. Is it reliable? Well, the owner says he’s just completed a trouble-free 1000+ mile trip to Spain and back.

As you can see, it’s generally in good condition and the seller says it has been stored in a dry garage. There’s a small dent on the offside wheelarch, but the gold cloth interior looks good.

Power comes from the 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol. While this wasn’t all that well suited to such a heavy car, it is at least economical (compared to other engines in the range). The official figure is 36mpg, and you shouldn’t be far off that in real-world driving conditions.

Chip £60 off the asking price and drive away in comfort with a well-spec’d A-to-B mile muncher.

Vauxhall Omega (2)


Corps Diplomat    on 6 March 2017

Always wanted a pre-facelift V6 one of these. Proper plod-spec.

Tony Widdows    on 9 March 2017

As a Vauxhall dealer I had 5 of these Omegas, one after the other as my personal cars. They were brilliant, very comfortable seats and an exceptionally smooth ride.

The best version of the models I owned was an Elite with the 2.5 straight six BMW engine.

peter cullender    on 4 May 2017

as a retired government chauffeur throughout the 1990"s, my car was a 2.5v6. in a word, superb! I would spend 15 hours a day in that car, and still not be fatigued. in my view, better than a bmw 5 series, the bmw had hard suspension, hard seats. did not handle better, and i left the thing with a backache! I bought a demo 2.5 td in 2000. it now resides in Australia. the wife is still charging around the bush with it. it has been super reliable. also keep a 2.2i, and a 2.6 v6 in uk to tow my caravan around uk/Europe. go for the 6 cylinder engines every time. they are probably the most under-rated cars out there!

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