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Top 10: Most stolen modern classics

We all know that older cars lack the inbuilt security features we've all come to associate with newer ones - and overall theft rate against 1980-1995 classics reflect this. The trouble is that currently, many of the cars targeted in this list aren't of the cherished variety, which explains the much higher theft rate of these cars, compared with easier to stael older classic cars.

So is your modern classic at risk? We list the top 10 modern classics that are most stolen in the UK. The figures are calculated by comparing the number of reported thefts and plotting them against how many examples survive on UK roads.

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Ford Escort
78,471 left, with 366 stolen for a theft rate 0.47%

Like the Sierra, the Escort was a typically easy to steal Ford, which through Mk2 nd Mk3 proved far too tempting for car thieves. In Mk4 1986 facelift form, it was fitted with Chubb locks, becoming the first Ford to do so. This improved the situation, but not enough to stop the XRs and RSs being candy for car thieves. These days, Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts are being targeted for very different reasons - they're worth lots of money is high performance form, making even the most humble versions tempting for those in need of a rust-free shell.


Mr Ian Bridges    on 9 December 2016

Apparently, being rear wheel drive and light, popular for converting to hot rodding or difting

Peter L.    on 12 May 2017

who in their right mind would steal a METRO?????? i had one of the early austin badged metro's as a first car and it was a horrid thing. it was noisier than the fiesta of the same period, the high 'step over' sills made for awkward entry (again, unlike the fiesta which was its main competitor) the headlights were DREADFUL (they didnt even fit halogen headlights!) and they rusted faster than almost anything else in the era. later ones werent much better!

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