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Top 10: Endangered cars from the 1990s

Cast your mind back to the 1990s, a time when Ant and Dec were still called PJ and Duncan, Chris Evans was far too down with the kids to be associated with Radio 2 and some people were wearing those odd Global Hypercolour t-shirts.

It was also a time when you could still buy a Rover, an MG and if you really wanted, a Daewoo. That'll be the Daewoo. Sadly (or perhaps not) many cars from that era are fast disappearing, so which are the most endangered?

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Daihatsu Applause

24 still registered in the UK - 13 licenced, 11 SORN

The delightfully named Applause may have looked like a four-door saloon but did in fact have a clever hatchback-like tailgate to make it more practical. That did little to make up for the dull as dishwater looks and below par interior though, while the fact Daihatsu was a name known to few meant it was always on a hiding to nothing.

It already felt out of date when it was launched in 1992 and found few buyers in the UK. Hence why there are only 24 still registered in the UK. Axed in 1996, Daihatsu never bothered with another saloon for the British market, instead concentrating on small hatchbacks and compact 4x4s.


hipfar    on 7 June 2016

Just a question, there are only 6 Mazda 626 2.5gt V6 abs left in the uk, how come these are not listed? lovely car, superb to drive, very reliable, spacious but never mentioned!

john444    on 24 March 2017

I know Maestros were rubbish and hated by everyone at the time, but I judge as is, not as the herd tells me to judge. Mine was superb, great performance against its contemporaries, beautiful interior, and great road holding. You probably think I'm insane if you've read this far, but having been a petrol head all my life, and having owned many great cars (including three Elans, two BMW's etc.) I stand by the evidence of my own experience.

paul jenkins    on 12 June 2017

we used a diesel maestro as a taxi it was noisy but incredibly economical on fuel

   on 15 January 2019

l had a lovely red MG Maestro 2.0 Efi..... It was great for leaving behind BMW's & other so called fast cars at the lights...Only real problem was the plastic panel parts inside....

Frederik Moorman van Kappen    on 29 February 2020

In the Netherlands I once owned a blue Maestro Mayfair, I loved the plastic wood door cappings, luxurious upholstery and matte metal door mirrors. Compared to contemporary VW Golf cars, I noticed how cavernous they were and how little passenger space they offered. I had the 1600 s engine which had adequate grunt. After losing this car in a traffic accident I looked for another one and came across a white mg maestro 1600. What a delightful car: gurgling webers, close ratio gearbox, excellent sports seats. And, let's not forget the digital dashboard and speaking board computer.
I still miss it and if I ever come across a LHD example, it will be mine!

So quit the Maestro bashing, compared to a VW Golf I couldn't find one point in which the VW was better than the Maestro.
Thank you British Leyland.

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