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Top 10: The class of 1974

In 2015 the road tax exemption for classic cars change from the current fixed period to a rolling 40 years. That means cars from 1974 will become eligible for zero-rated tax and that introduces a whole range of interesting possibilities.

In fact there is everything from iconic hatchbacks to supercars and, well, pretty much everything in-between. Not all of them are entirely tempting, but take a look at our pick of ’74 and you might just find your next classic.

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Maserati Quattroporte II

Launched at the 1974 Turin Motor Show the second generation Quattroporte was to prove less successful than the first, with just 13 cars reputedly built. Being front-wheel drive probably didn’t help and the 3.0-litre engine shared with the Citroen SM and Maserati Merak never quite provided the performance that buyers expected from the marque. It was also complex with hydro-pneumatic suspension and powered brakes and steering just like Citroens of the day. Even if you could fine one it would be a brave buying decision.


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