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approx. £26,422
actual price $35,000

1960 Triumph TR3a

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The reason for selling…no one to leave it too… I have a1960 TR3a …TS65271L…with ident plates. I have owned it since 1972 and finished a frame off two years ago...every nut and bolt is either grade 8 or 316SS whenever possible. However, I did leave the beading off this time...I hated that stuff. I used seam sealer for those areas except for around the valance where it attaches to the fenders. Those areas I simply painted over. I painted it, myself, using 4 coats of base…and three coats of clear… Great story here, it took 1.5 years to track down, Belgium Racing Yellow. With the help of the Belgium Formula 1 Racing Team, the Belgium Government, and Damon Graham Devereux Hill, we were able to come up with a match…less 1 blue pigment no one uses any longer. The closest paint industry color is the 1966 Corvette, 984 Sunfire Yellow. The underbody ,fuel tank, interior, and boot are coated with an epoxy rubber material used for coating steel piping in industrial applications. Over the rubber, I placed sound/heat guard material as well as underneath the bonnet. All body parts are original except for the used trunk lid and the Moss grille . Instead of renewing the floorboard 15 years back, I welded in 14-gauge steel. The bumpers and overriders are in good shape...however, they need re-plating. All door and boot handles, locks, bonnet fasteners, spare tire lid Escutcheons are in good shape. There is no bondo, but, marine grade epoxy fillers have been used to level body imperfections. All seals, gaskets, blanking plates, and firewall grommets, less the door seals have been fitted. Engine parts are all original, I say original because they were on the car when I purchased it from the 1st owner, except for the water pump and the fuel pump, the temperature gauge and sensor are electric and were, I assume, replaced before I purchased the car...The starter and genset are rebuilt in the original case. The Radiator, original case, was rebuilt in 1975 without the starter handle hole. I have the oil bath filters but I am using paper filters at this time. I used copper/nickel fuel and brake lines, and braided brake lines at the calipers. I replaced one caliper piston and both rear brake cylinders. I flushed out all lines and began to use dot five silicone-based brake fluid to protect the paint. All gauges are original, again original. I had them cleaned and calibrated by a service in California. I have the original positive ground AM radio, however, I replaced it with a new, remote control, USB readable AM/FM stereo receiver. I placed the receiver behind the seats in a carpet-covered box that also houses a tip switch alarm system. My first wife used a roll back truck and stole the car. What I did change is the fuse system...the original holder is still there...I did break it down into 6 systems with a 6 circuit fuse block. It now has a Pertronix ignition and an electronic regulator. I converted all lamps inside and out with LEDs and the headlights are Lucas PL700's.The steering wheel was cracked many years back and an epoxy filler was used to repair it. I have the original ragtop and window frames. In the spare tire compartment I carry a 165R 15, too big to inflate and stow away, so I use a 12 volt air compressor as a back up to inflate the tire when needed. I have most of the tools in their roll except the grease gun and the wooden handle screwdriver...they are around here somewhere. The interior is marine grade vinyl's… Sunbrella Horizon Capriccio and Espresso for trim and beading, I did not renew it at the time of rebuild…The trim and beading are slightly worn. I have hundreds of spare parts, I also used these vinyl's to make the tonneau cover. I am running 195/6515's on the original wheels. The wheel covers have been replaced with those lousy aftermarket replicas.


Beautiful shape, quick and fun to drive