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SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! 1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula

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ID 9995


The Good - It has a service history going back to last century, has 9 months left on it's MOT (with no advisories), low mileage, and a large file of documents (bills, receipts, MOTs, copy of the original GM build sheet). The Bad - The car has some minor faults - for example, the engine idle is higher than it should be because it is running a bit rich and the tyres (Falkens) will probably need replacing in the near future. The Ugly - Only 5,836 Formulas were made, all in the final year of Fiero production - I know of only two others in the UK, both of which have been modified significantly so, if you are after originality and rarity, this is the one for you! While it has its faults, it hasn't been messed around with, like many of them have. This was my daily driver for a couple of years before my last job and the arrival of a company car 4 years ago. It has an MOT until September 2019 (with no advisories). For more info about Fieros in general, and the Formula in particular, there are several online sources, including a Motoring Week shoot out with the Supercharged Toyoto MR2 in 1988. The VIN is 1G2PE1190JPnnnnnn - it is a 1988 model year car, built 26 October 1987 (American model years run September to August, and also has power windows/locks/boot release and Thatcham rated immobiliser. So, why am I selling it? I am selling it because I was made redundant a while back and, now that the company car has gone back to the company, I need to have something with more than two seats, if I'm going to fit the family in. The work situation also means that - unfortunately - while I've got the time to sort out the faults, I really haven't got the money. If you want a test drive, you will need to bring proof of insurance covering vehicles not owned by you, and photo ID. The car is sold in AS IS condition - no warranty is provided or implied. Payment is by bank transfer or cash on collection.