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1970 MGB Roadster MkII

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ID 5740


MGB Mk II Roadster – with highly sought after RAM 167H plate My much loved MGB Roadster is for sale. Has been great fun car for 6 years but shoulder injury means have barely used her (only 2,000 miles in 6 years and believed to be only 10,000 miles since reconditioned short engine fitted in 2005). History of refurbs, with respray in 1998. Now overall good condition, though not pristine, and few rust signs in some of the usual places (eg rear wing seam). Excellent condition soft top and tonneau, electric fan, stainless exhaust and working overdrive. Has been garaged last 6 years at least. Year: 1970 Purchased: 20.Feb.2015 – mileage shown 28,034 Extensive records of work, mileage, refurbs. Uses unleaded petrol. The interior is original – with 40+ years of wear and tear. Detailed service record. Previous owners: 19 Colour: Tartan Red Rosyle Wheels Chrome bumpers Tax and MOT exempt. Last MOTs before exemption: • 26.7 2017 – 29,881m • 25.7.2016 – 29,462m • 27.2.2015 – 28,783m • 8.8.2014 – 27,912m Mileage: 30,256 on milometer – from old receipts believed to be far higher but only 11,000 miles since reconditioned short engine fitted. Included: • Soft Top (excellent condition) • Tonneau (excellent condition) • Old Tonneau (zips need repaid) • Boot rack (not fitted) • Spare tyre with cover • Overdrive • Electric Fan • Cover History: 1998 Notes from previous owner state 2 new rear quarter sills, 2 rear inner wheel arches, rear panel, door skins, complete respray, reconditioned radiator, electric fan fitted, cam follower, Rosyle wheels (refurbished) 2002 Stainless exhaust fitted 2003 Reconditioned cylinder head 2004 Wheel bearings, shock absorber, front discs and pads. New hood and folding frame 2005 Reconditioned short engine (mileage shown as 19,126), clutch 2006 Radio / CD player fitted 2008 Servicing and brake hoses 2012 New electric loom fitted, new steering rack gaitor, carbs serviced, new brake cylinder 2014 New springs 2015 Inertia reel seat belts fitted (Securon), electronic ignition fitted, new exhaust manifold gasket, fit lap belt across rear shelf for dog harness, bodywork welding, replace shock absorber, fit new fuel pump and pipe 2016 Fuel line clean out and plugs/leads replaced, fuel filter fitted 2017 Last MOT before exemption – welding to OS and battery box 2018 Garage check over – no charge as all found in good order Detailed dossier of receipts and past MOT docs available. Contact us for viewing or more info


Good to look at, fun to drive, amazing parts availability, the archetypal classic roadster and coupe