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1994 Rover 214 Si, Convertible, R8, 16v, Mohair Top

0333 344 2329
ID 9327

Ruse, Bulgaria  

This Rover 200 214 Cabriolet was produced from 1993 to 1996. It is part of the R8 generation 200. It's a facelift of the 1992 Rover 214 Cabriolet. It's a front-wheel drive front-engined compact convertible with 2 doors & 4 seats. With 102 BHP, the naturally aspirated 1.4 Litre 16v Inline 4 petrol engine accelerates this 214 Cabriolet to 62 mph in 11.5 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 113 mph. Having a kerb weight of 1075 kg, it achieves 39.2 mpg on average and can travel 474 miles before requiring a refill of its 55 litre capacity fuel tank. It comes with a 5 speed manual gearbox. Luggage space is 300 litres, with a maximum payload capacity of 475 kg. The car was imported to Bulgaria from Italy and serving as a summer car for the last 4 years in a Bulgarian owner. Stored exclusively in-house and in a garage, except for the past 10 months. The car comes with 90% original parts under the hood, within the interior and exterior. Full body paint was planned to be executed, but plans changed and the car now is in an excellent technical condition with a requirement for a full body work on the outside. Signs of rust have kicked in, however, the rust is still in control. Lots of spare parts provided, including: - ECU - 2 headlights - 2 taillights - 2 front blinkers - starter - car bumper (different colour) The engine is from the 14K4F series of the Rover company. Stock front Rover car mats. Original mohair top with little to no damage (not leaking, fully working). Service and maintenance done so far: Coolant changed. Engine and Transmission oils changed. Generator replaced. Alternator refurbished. Brake pads and brake discs replaced. Radiator replaced. Many of the hoses were replaced, along with the car gasket.


Stylish and fun, Honda engines willing, T-Series 2.0-litre quick in naturally-aspirated form; blinding as a turbo