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1988 Citroen 2cv 6

0333 344 2329
ID 6389


10 REASONS TO BUY: 1/. Unique in Jade/White. 2/. 22000 miles! Fully documented. 3/. 3 owners. Pensioners, & 2 enthusiasts. 4/. Galvanised chassis and electronic ignition. 5/. Fully maintained. With history. 6/. Blend of originality and restoration 7/. The registration plate – E 2CV D. 8/. MOT through April 2022. 9/. £2750 spent last 1500 miles. 10/. You will look hard to find better. You will prise this 2CV away paying full price! It saves haggling, and it will be cheap in a few years appreciating when others struggle to stay on the road. Registered April 88, the Red/White “Dolly” was owned by retirees – the Humphries in Poole. 9 consecutive MOTs dating from April 91 at 1062 miles through to March 99 at 12634 miles. No records, but everything points to owners who had the car serviced to schedule and kept it in a garage. June 99 the car was sold to a friend. MOT history - April 2000 at 14967 miles through a second in June 01 at 16680 miles. Receipts show a mix of routine service and some paintwork, body work and welding. I got the car in Jan 02. MOTs start in July 2003 at 18489 miles through 7 tests to April 21 at 21900 miles The car is garaged, and I decided to future proof it with a galvanised chassis supplied and fitted with electronic ignition by Frome 2cv Centre in July 03. The 2CV was about utilitarian simplicity. By the ‘80s the 2cv courted cutesy fashion. My “Dolly” trying too hard, and the lads in the pub took the rise. I removed wings, bumpers and dolly stickers. And stalled as the makeover turned into the project you never finish. I liked Vert Jade, so it became the new contrast colour, retaining the white body. Finally, in 2015 I got going, a new set of tyres, new battery and off to Cotswold 2cv, who did everything. Then a £600 trip in April 19 for Shock absorbers and track rod ends. A 22000-mile 2cv that looks great yet retains the patina of age. The vert jade finish is very good - just a minor kink in the OSF wing, the original Blanc looks good but has some chips touched in. The seats are recovered in original cloth. It has a great 7 speaker sound system, but needs attention - a new head unit? The interior is fully carpeted. A pleasure to drive. It cruises happily at 60mph and winds up to 75. It starts well, brakes firmly, and does around 40mpg. Handling is a delight with characteristic body roll. Just such a practical classic. Now with most things done, it should not need much more than routine service in the foreseeable future.


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