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RELIANT Rialto GLS 2 reduced for quick sale

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RELIANT RIALTO 2 GLS FOR SALE - £2400 1986 Registered C866 YBK Brand New 12 Months MOT Classic Car Insurance - £100 p/a and Tax 12 months £81! Reluctant sale of my little Reliant Robin/Rialto. Change in circumstances forces sale for a more family friendly sized motor. Ideally I would keep this as an investment. These cars are now getting so rare they are shooting up in value for a decent well-kept example. According to the DVLA statistics only 38 of this model are Registered in the UK and many of them are off the road / SORN. This is approaching 40 years old as well in which time will be classed as Classic and will not require an MOT. This car is pretty unique as has been restored and modified ever so slightly cosmetically that you might not find one the same anywhere (I have tried and found none!) I don’t have anywhere to store it or I would keep it, it would be a crime to leave this to rot outside not in use, especially after the restoration it has gone through over recent months! A little about my time spent with the car… Purchased at the start of 2018 sold to me as a “good runner” quite clearly this was not the case breaking down 40 miles into a 100-mile trip home. It was my first “car” as I only held a Full Bike license at the time, after the bike was written off my head said get a car. Now having passed my full car test I can open my new car search to something with 4 wheels instead of 3. Being a perfectionist kind of person, any little niggle really annoys me. On the back of that I wanted to dig into what was not right and as a result have repaired and/or replaced nearly all working parts. Here is a list of things replaced/upgraded since I have owned it these last 7 months…. Here we go! - New Spark Plugs - New HT Leads - New Ignition Coil - New Distributor Cap / Points + Condenser - New Battery - New wiring (to fix a grounding fault) - New Alternator - New Radiator - Fixed Thermostat (nice heater ready for winter) - Carbs Stripped and Cleaned - New Headlight bulbs (slight upgrade in brightness) - New Gear Stick + Gaiter and Genuine Reliant Knob - Aftermarket Stereo + Kenwood 6x9 speakers - New Fuse Box + Fuses and plenty of spares thrown in. - New Fan Belt fitted less than 150 miles ago. - Fixed interior courtesy light - New Choke cable - Speedo was not working, greased the cable and refitted now working. - All Dashboard switches and relays replaced as had issues before. - New Fuel in line filters (2 new and 1 original that was fine) - Oil Filter and New Engine Oils all round - Engine flushed and new coolant added – Radiator bled etc. - Replaced a cracked exhaust valve so at the same time replaced all engine gaskets as well as cleaning and refurbing the entire engine head, and rocker cover. New head gasket new rocker gasket new exhaust manifold gasket new Carb plates gasket. All cylinders now pumping at perfect compression. In total I would estimate a good £500 or more spent on parts and labour doing this, plus they are so simple to work on most things can be done yourself with the right tools. Others have told me, it’s a 32-year-old car, it will have its niggles and gripes. I can certainly testify to that – and the fun I have had identifying and fixing them is something that makes me proud. It’s what we can call a proper British motor with proper British values. There are just a couple of not so good points, and these are purely from a cosmetic point of view. The Rialto was painted sky blue from the factory, a previous owner then decided to repaint it yellow. V5 now states yellow. The job was not completed to the highest standard, see pictures, the paint and a little fibre glass has flaked off and could do with a little patch and repaint, on the whole and from a distance the paint looks great, its only when you get right up close you can see a few imperfections. Also to mention there is a tow-bar fitted (yes really)!! This is not a bad point just pointing it out, I can’t imagine very many scenarios where you will be wanted to tow much in this although it is capable, in fact it came in real handy the day I broke down, you can use the tow-bar as an anchor point for hoisting it up onto a flatbed breakdown truck  FYI these things must NOT be towed with bars or ropes from the front end as it will damage the front wheel hub and potentially rip out the steering column! I will end by letting you know the V5 is in my name, I believe at last check it only had 4 previous owners, not many in 32 years. 94k miles on the clock, and with nearly all engine and parts replaced will be good for many more. There is a lot of service history included also the original Reliant Rialto owner’s handbook. I am also a paid up member of the Reliant owner’s club and would be happy transfer the membership if it’s feasible. You also get free admission to some car shows if you turn up in this too  I have and continue to use this as my daily commute (50 miles per week) and one thing is for sure, everybody now knows me in the local area – it gets you noticed and people love and appreciate a classic like this. If you’re into keeping a low profile this one probably won’t suit you. Apologies for the length of this Ad. I want to let this go to the right home, I am sure if you have managed to read this far down you probably have more experience in classic cars than me. So please let me know if you have any questions not answered above, come and view it at weekends or evenings, I can even take you out for a spin to see what you think. By all means you can test drive yourself if you can supply proof of insurance etc. Cash on Collection please, or via bank transfer, no Cheques thanks. I work a full time job 8am-6pm, if I can’t take your call leave me a message or drop me a text and I will return it as soon as I can (usually within an hour or two). I do have this advertised elsewhere so it’s on a first come first serve basis, leave me a deposit via bank transfer to reserve the car – I know, first to see will buy. Cheers Steve