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1932 Austin 7 Seven

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ID 9997


AUSTIN “7” SEVEN BOX SALOON 1932 JUST A LOVELY VINTAGE CAR £7495 ! ! ! ASK TO SEE THE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO ! ! ! Always fancied a vintage motor but don’t want to do a load of work, “the one who must be obeyed” won’t sit on worn out, saggy, cracked and torn seats, not got a massive budget but don’t want to look like you’ve just come from Steptoe’s yard, read on and discover the delights of this little gem ……………… Really well presented, all working as intended and most importantly great fun, 1932 Austin Seven with all the hard work completed, immaculate interior, ready to admire and enjoy and you wont need a re-mortgage to buy it. The pictures say it all, the car has had massive amounts of money and time spent on it, its in great running order it does everything it should do, just as clean and tidy underneath as it is on top. You cant drive it down the road without a grin on your face, a smile every mile guaranteed, goes really well, no untoward bangs, clangs or rattles as you travel, gears select easily, bakes will lock up if pushed hard, excellent handbrake, the lights work and have been fitted with more usable modern bulbs, you can actually see in the dark ! A lot time and money invested, new seats, mats, door cards, head lining, carb, distributor, starter motor, brake cables, wiring loom, tyres still have pips on them, springs, bushes, there are invoices for hundreds of pounds of parts in the large file along with owner’s manuals, workshop and reference books, laminated service cards. We have the current modern log book and the original 1932 buff log book, correct number plate as issued new. It presents really well and will be admired wherever you go, paint finish is suited to the car, it’s not immaculate, has a little age, close inspection will find the odd blemish and imperfection, its very smart and mechanical good but its not concours, you can drive this to a show waving back at folk along the way, no need for an atmospheric controlled covered trailer, relax and enjoy the journey. Have some fun with your savings, you bank manager isn’t doing you any favours with the interest rates, tick the box off your bucket list and own a vintage car, won’t be worth any less when you’ve had your enjoyment. WE will happily create an instructional video for any buyer not familiar with these types of cars, nothing complicated, back to basics simple stuff and immense good fun, a few pointers always handy. A ready to enjoy Austin 7 at sensible money, find a better one within this budget ! ! !