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1980 1980 Volkswagen Golf GTI GTI

0333 344 2329
ID 5648


freshly restored, conversion to 16V, non-smoking vehicle . Further improvements: Engine of a 2-car Golf GTI built-in (1.8l 16V), runs very well One-arm wiper Dome strut rear + front Wishbone strut Fan manifold Spacer discs at the rear Wheel arch Widening rear Additional indications (oil, water temperature, oil pressure) Carpet new Seats in very good condition darkened rear headlights + front Ignition new Coilover Sparco sports steering wheel


Invented the family hatchback as we know it today, good to drive, easy to own, practical
Almost as good to drive as a Golf GTI - and that's praise enough
Brilliant to drive, great performance, and utterly classless