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1972 Land Rover Series 3 88” Wheelbase Hardtop – Classi 88" Series 3 Hardtop

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Brief Summary Land Rover Series 3 November 1972 88”wheelbase fitted with a Perkins Prima turbo diesel engine. It has a series 3 gearbox fitted with a fairy overdrive. The engine mountings, radiator and gearbox fixings are original so an original 2 ¼ engine can be easily fitted. The vehicle has undergone extensive repair work over the 5 years I have owned it and has gone on many driving adventures. When I purchased the vehicle it was a truck cab. During the strip down I found the original factory specification data sheet behind the dashboard and decided to return it to original specification of having a hard top. The majority of the recommissioning work was carried out in 2015, 2016 and some in 2017. I have hundreds of pictures taken during the refurbishment and a PowerPoint slide show scrap book. Only a selection of pictures are shown in this advert. The vehicle has only covered c2500 miles since its recommissioning. It passed its MOT in July 2017 with no problems. It did not require an MOT the following year as it is now classed as exempt. The Land Rover has either been kept in the garage or if left outside covered in a special purpose shaped breathable cover. The cover is included in the sale to make sure the new owner cares for it properly. lots of pictures and youtube video available upon request Chassis The body was removed from chassis to allow easy access to clean and repair rust on the chassis. A new rear ¼ was fitted and two new front dump irons as well as an outrigger. The parts were not budget thin metal types from ebay, they are made of thick metal. The chassis was cleaned, sanded in places and painted with black chassis paint (see pictures). Bulkhead The bulkhead was not in bad condition it only had a few patch repairs that could have been easily tidied, but I wanted to make sure it would last a long time. I fitted new footwells, door pillars and feet. The bulkhead was the type with the short rain gutter, I replaced the short gutter with a long gutter just like on the earlier models to reduce water leaking into the engine bay. The bulkhead was sanded, undercoated with two layers of paint before topcoat. Rear Tub The aluminium floor had holes caused electrolytic reaction with the metal floor supports. I carefully unpicked the tub floor and replaced it with a new aluminium sheet made of grade (5251 H22 - 2.0 mm). I made the floor strengthening ribs out of aluminium box section (10SWG ¾”). The floor is much thicker and stronger than the original floor. I refurbished the metal floor supports and fixed them to the tub. The tub was sanded and painted. Engine and Gearbox A new clutch, pressure plate and thrust bearing was fitted along with a new engine crank seal. New engine mountings were fitted. New clutch slave, master cylinder, starter motor and alternator were fitted as well as a new radiator. A replacement electric cooling fan and thermostatic controller fitted. A new cambelt was also fitted along with a new drive belt for the alternator/water pump. Axles, suspension, steering and tyres Fitted a steering damper kit on the steering arms, this helps reduce shock and snatching of the steering wheel when off roading. Parabolic springs fitted all round and new front shock absorbers fitted in 2016. MAP freewheeling hubs are fitted to the front axle, I have made a key to turn them which is included in the sale. Brand new Hifly AT601 all terrain 4x4 tyres fitted to discovery 1 steel rims in September 2017 and only done c2,000 miles since fitting. I think these tyres are a good balance of providing good on road handling especially in the wet and perform well off road. Brakes New copper nickel brake pipes were fitted along with rubber flexi pipes. New rear brake shoes, wheel cylinders, bearing, seals and drums. Brand new servo unit and brake master cylinder. Dashboard The dashboard top part had cracks in the plastic caused by sun damage. I carefully remove the worst of the pealing plastic and recovered the upper and lower dash in black vinyl. I fitted a USB and 12v charger to the dashboard as seen in the pictures. Seat box, tunnel and floor plates The original seat box was in very poor condition the metal was very weak. I very luckily found a seat box for sale which was in excellent strong condition with no aluminium corrosion. It had been hand made in aluminium by a very talented metal worker who was only selling it due to fitting a td5 engine and gearbox into his series vehicle. The seat box also had a battery tray, which freed up room under the bonnet. The floor plates are original and the tunnel I purchased second hand as it was missing from the vehicle when I purchased it. Doors I fitted two brand new front doors and refurbished the door tops with new runners and aluminium strips. The doors tops are in excellent condition. I purchased a second-hand rear door, which needed a lot of rust repair. I replaced a few of the door sections with new top hat sections purchased from YRM. I also fitted in a few extra strengthening braces as I wanted a spare wheel carrier on the door. The door is now very strong and probably stronger than original. Brand new door locks and keys for every door. Cooling System The original heater and snail fan were very rusty and beyond my repair. I fitted a second-hand defender heater, which was quite easy to fit and works reasonable well – gets warm!. A brand new replacement radiator was fitted as the old radiator was rusty and looked like it would leak any minute. Wiring loom The original wiring loom was a bit of a mess as it had been chopped and repaired many times. I decided to have a go at making a wiring loom myself. I replaced the loom between the front and back using a thick multicore cable fished through the chassis. It has a blade style fuse box with indictor for blown fuses. It’s not the neatest (a learnt a lot), but it is strong and works. I have never had a blown fuse. The ignition lock was quite worn, so I purchased and fitted a new steering lock. It has a glow plug timer which operates for circa 30 seconds before turning off. Its far too long as the engine only needs a few seconds even on a cold day. New headlights, indicators and side lights fitted all round. A new heavy duty battery was fitted in 2017. Fuel system The original tank was rusty inside having been stood for too long. I did contemplate cleaning it and sealing it inside, but just ended up buying and fitting a new tank. I also fitted a new sender unit and fuel lines from the tank to the engine. I run the majority of the fuel lines inside the chassis. Exhaust System The system is home made and follows the typical route for a series vehicle. The pipework is in good condition, I did have to make some new rubber hangers for the pipe work, which I made out of the old cam belt. Interior Some of the seat squabs were split, so I purchased new replacement seat parts. The dashboard plastic parts were cleaned, and spray painted black to try and restore the original look. The roof has been lined with carpet to reduce noise and attempt to retain heat in the winter. I also fitted an LED strip light inside, which can be set to different modes using a remote control. I fitted seatbelts in the front and a lap belt in the middle. I don’t think I quite got the angle of the inertia reel right for the driver belt as it sometimes locks, but can be easily made to work. Exterior I purchased a good second-hand winch bumper that I fitted to the front as I did consider fitting a winch, but given that I only ever did gentle green laning it was not really needed. The bumper is strong as has been used several times to tow other 4x4 out of mud. I fitted a tow bar, drop plate and steps to the back to make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. I have only ever towed a small trailer. I also purchased some new rock sliders which are specifically for Land Rover 88 (not homemade), these are galvanised and are VERY strong. I also purchased a new high lift jack which is included in the sale of the vehicle, rockslides make excellent jacking points. The vehicle is painted with synthetic paint in the correct land Rover shade of bronze green (mixed by a paint shop). I have to admit the painting is not the best, I blame the person who put the paint on - me! Good bits • Engine starts brilliantly only needs a few seconds of glow plug heat and starts within a turn of the engine. I have worked out the MPG to be somewhere in the region of upper 30s and nearly 40MPG. But like any vehicle its how you drive it that determines MPG. • Overdrive really helps to increase MPG and reduce engine noise/speed. • Fun to drive and loves green lanes • Steering damper really helps when off roading Bad bits It is an old Land Rover there will always be few little bits that need attention: • Its noisy compared to a modern car, could do with sound insulation fitting to footwells, bulkhead and under bonnet • The gearbox drips oils, small drips on floor when vehicle is stood. I am pretty sure that the seals on the gear selector are leaking, which is a common fault. • The engine has an oil leak, but I think I might have fixed it. I have resealed the unions for the pressure switch and pipework for the oil pressure gauge • New rear brake shoes and cylinders fitted a few weeks ago, still need bedding in and adjusting • Water leaks and pools in footwells when in heavy rain – leaks from the door seals. • Paint finish not the best The vehicle is sold as seen, tried and approved by the purchaser without any representations, warranties, guarantees or conditions express or implied whatsoever. Happy to answer questions and arrange a viewing for those that are genuine enthusiasts looking for a special Land Rover.