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1958 Morris Minor

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ID 6948


1958 Morris Minor - garage find - London Minor’s make ideal first time classics or even daily runabouts and there’s really no problem when sourcing replacement parts or when servicing it yourself and garages love them because everything is easily accessible – but you may know this already! Solid and sound and a mostly original example, which is more than can be said for some that I see advertised on the web at the moment. This car is the more desirable early 1000 model from 1958. It had the single screen, so doesn’t leak in the rain and has the stylish retro bronze speedo dial display. There have been no holes drilled into the panel and the push/pull buttons are the originals. Number plate is dateless and desirable and non-transferrable. My first car that I’ve had for 20 years. Owned by three nurses prior. I learned the basics of mechanics and engineering using only a humble Haynes manual always kept on the parcel shelf. Parked up since 2013 and reads out as the usual story; growing family needing space, no time etc. Originally registered in Torquay, Devon and made its way to live in London in 1993. GOOD -Original 948cc engine (smoothest of all units with good compression and no knocks when last checked) Approx’ 102000miles. I’ve always driven her sensibly and have taken her all over the UK without a hitch. -Structurally sound, has had some welding done to the two rear arches but not a rot box and I welcome inspection – this one hides nothing. Fixed up for an MOT once. Boot lid no rust. Cills inspected when I bought her and wax-oiled with plenty in all cavities. -Within recent mileage the following have been replaced: new kingpins front suspension, rear suspension springs, bushes and dampers, Borg and Beck clutch, stainless steel exhaust, refurbished (original) carb, new radiator, coil, alternator conversion, electronic ignition, fuel pump, Duplex timing chain, new brake shoes and wheel cylinders all-round, new brake hoses to front, new boot lid lock -Newton Commercial professional Rover drivers’ seat worth £193 new (still got the original seat) ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT -Minor rust holes bottom of A pillar (nearside only) but it’s a small plate and is NOT the pillar itself, doors hand true and there’s little to no flex -Engine turns freely on starter handle but haven’t invested time into getting it running, may need new fuel and a service -Brakes need freeing and I’m happy to give you access to the garage to do this over weekends if you need to drive her away, alternatively you may want to use a low-loader. -Bodywork tatty, could do with a tidy up but she’s honest and useable and could pass for the ‘rat’ look, though I’m not qualified to suggest this as I’m not cool enough. -Interior leather needs attention but is original and a beautiful dark tan of red leather, no vinyl seats! Please feel free to arrange a viewing, like most I'm around every day - not leaving the compound much and am strict with the social distancing and I’ll wear the PPE. Garaged for 20yrs and with good and bad points. Rickmansworth, 2mins walk from a London Metropolitan line train station.


There's a Minor to suit all budgets, good to drive, brilliant parts and specialist back-up, A-series powered ones are easily tuned to stay up with modern traffic, classic flatulent exhaust note