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1962 Morris minor Saloon

0333 344 2329
ID 8833


ELA was my first car when I was 19. We were together for 11 years and were inseparable through good times and bad !! I loved her smell her noise, comfort, steering wheel, pull start, simplicity and just outright style. had status in this car like no other. We were definitely made for each other. She was even at our wedding and was our get away ! Then one day the clutch went, children came along and I put her in my Dads barn at the farm tucked in the corner with the combine tractors and cows. I told her I will be back.... the years rolled on and my life went all over the world. It's now 30 years later and she is still in the same place. The cows tractors and my childhood long gone to make way for new enterprises. She has to go now the space is needed ! So her I am offering her out to the world. She looks a bit of a wreck but I guess that's what you get with 30 years of doing nothing. She drove in all be the clutch problem. Yes I'm in no doubt she will need substantial tlc to get her going but WHAT A GREAT CAR WITH SUCH A LOVELY NAME. Hence the price reflects not just the car but the name too. I know it wouldn't take much to bring her back to life. She is complete and authentic with no modifications or anything So it's a fine example of a car built in 1962. If you are an ELA or want to know one then this is a great project. All the funds received will go to a horse sanctuary that I now run in the Spanish Pyrenees. Please contact me if you need more info.


There's a Minor to suit all budgets, good to drive, brilliant parts and specialist back-up, A-series powered ones are easily tuned to stay up with modern traffic, classic flatulent exhaust note