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1947 Riley RMA DH

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ID 7372


The Riley RM series was an executive car manufactured by Riley between 1945 and 1955. It was originally made in Coventry, moving to the MG works in Abingdon in 1949. RMs were sold with 1.5 and 2.5 litre engines, with a little over 500 coach built convertible specials made, of which around 50 are known to survive worldwide. They are consequently rare and now quite expensive. Originally my lovely 1.5 litre car was a ’Woody’ one of I believe five RMs converted by Polish coachbuilders in 2013 into a four seater Drop Head, a convertible. Smiley Riley as we call him, drives well having had the recent attention of Devon Classic Cars, during which they rebuilt the brakes, realigned the steering, both using authentic RM Club parts, and fitted new tyres. In addition a specialist vintage car electrician has given Smiley the once over, brining everything up to standard. I have also bought a full new wiring loom from a specialist provider and the alternative ‘fishtail’ dashboard and instruments from the Lundegaard Spares Co, ready to be installed. I have spent many lovely sunny summer days driving Smiley but I now have other plans and wish to pass him on to another loving owner.