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1998 Very Rare Fiat Coupe TURBO 2.0 20 Valve 5 Cyl VT metallic blue - New MOT

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This advert is for a rare 1998 Fiat Coupe 2.0 20 valve TURBO finished in blue. A very genuine car which only needs a little TLC to the bodywork to make it spot on. The few remaining 20 valve turbo coupes are an appreciating asset, Supercar performance for cheap hatchback money! We purchased this car from a collector who had stored it undercover since 2015 The vehicle drives perfectly and has recently had a new MOT . The interior of the car is finished in black leather and is in very good condition for its age with no rips in the seats. The car drives faultlessly and is very quick. An amazingly rust free vehicle (pictures of underneath included). These were built with GALVANISED CHASSIS's The car has recently had: Full Cambelt Change, Idler bearing, Water pump, Two auxillary belts, Three belt tensioners, New gear selectors and much more as below. This vehicle has the following comfort features: Alloy wheels > Air conditioning > Electric sunroof > Boost/turbo gauge > Front & Rear Fog Lights > Fiat ARX7370OR radio/cd multi-changer/cassette player with remote control > Electric windows > Electric adjustable mirrors > Driver & passenger air bags > Space saver Tyre (looks like it has hardly ever been used). > CD multi changer located in the top of the boot Mileage: 116,832 Set of four good condition (look almost new) Continental tyres fitted with loads of tread remaining. Information held on service history 29/07/2010 - Emission Test Report 05/09/2014 - MOT Pass Certificate 03/11/2014 - Power Italia - Full Cambelt Change, Idler bearing, water pump, two auxillary belts, three belt tensioners - £490.00 05/09/2016 - MOT Pass Certificate MOT test, Labour to fit 3 wheel bearings, Drag link arm, Labour to fit bump stop, brake & pipe ends, Brake Fluid, Labour - £385 11/09/2019 - Amazon - Q-Drive stering Rack Boot - £17.98 25/09/2019 - Bennetts - Brake Cable LH - £16.78 27/09/2019 - Bennetts - Firstline Brake Cable RH - £20.30 01/10/2019 - Bennetts - AD Brake Fluid Dot4 & AD 5W-30 C2C3 5Ltr Oil - £62.00 08/10/2019 - MOT Test Certificate V5 Document Present Full HPI Check showing Clear of any finance, insurance write-offs or mileage discrepancies etc. Bad points: Lacquer peeled on front bumper Small dent on passenger door (hardly noticeable) Lacquer peel on rear boot lid. Small dent on drivers side on bonnet. Speedo has not worked for a while (use rev counter) If you have any questions please contact us, viewing is welcome please contact us to arrange a viewing. Some of what Piston Heads say (it's one of their heroes) As only the second ever Fiat to be inducted into the PH Heroes Hall of Fame (don't forget the X1/9 too), the turbocharged 20-valve Fiat Coupe Turbo is pretty significant: it boasts some mad Bangle styling, potent performance from its readily tuneable five-cylinder engine and sharp handling with a standard limited-slip diff. And despite having never been replaced by Fiat, the Coupe remains an affordable route into classic Italian motoring. The front-wheel drive Fiat Coupe was launched in 1993 at the Brussels motor show and despite possessing a humble badge it turned heads everywhere it went - thanks mainly to Chris Bangle's innovative but controversial sharp-edged design. Incorporating numerous special touches, including those arresting side panels, deep-set quad tail-lights, unique slashed alloys and bulging headlamp clusters, it really was like nothing else. And it's the 20v Turbo model seen here that will be gracing most collectors' climate-controlled garages in ten years' time. Pininfarina's interior design was one of the best and included striking body-coloured dash trim, while the unique turbocharged 1998cc in-line five-cylinder powerplant delivered a healthy 220hp and 229lb ft of torque. A Viscodrive limited-slip differential helped traction while the reinforced bodyshell, independent suspension and anti-roll bars front and rear ensured that the Coupe handled sweetly. Surprisingly, at the moment a good Turbo will set you back just £4,000, making Fiat's unique two-door one of the best value performance cars you can buy. And values of the best-kept examples are rising, making Fiat's Coupe Turbo 20v a shoo-in as our latest PH Hero. True blue Launched in 1996 to replace the original four-cylinder Turbo, the 20-valve five-cylinder model boasted a Garret turbocharger enabling the five-speed manual Coupe to reach 60mph in just 6.3 seconds. That made it the fastest front-wheel drive production car for a while, and the last true performance car Fiat has produced. Some history of the Fiat Coupe (From Wikipedia). The Fiat Coupé first hit the media headlines in auto magazines during 1992, after several spy shots were taken revealing the car on test. On its launch in January 1994, the Coupé was available with a four cylinder, 2.0 L 16V engine, in both turbo (190 PS) and normally aspirated (139 PS) versions. Both engines were later versions of Fiat's twin-cam design and inherited from the Lancia Delta Integrale, winner of the World Rally Championship a record six times. 1996 brought in a 1.8 L 16V engine (not available in the United Kingdom, 131 PS), along with a 2.0 litre five cylinder 20V (147 PS), and a five cylinder 2.0 litre 20V turbo (220 PS). Fiat Coupé 20v Turbo Model (this car) Fiat had rejected the offer of a design from Pininfarina around 1990, and decided to design its own coupe in house. The designed previously offered by Pininfarina was eventually accepted by Peugeot, who adopted it as the 406 Coupe in October 1996. Both the turbocharged 16v/4cylinder and 20v/5cylinder (4v per cyl.) versions were equipped with a very efficient Viscodrive limited-slip differential to counter the understeer that plagues most powerful front wheel drive cars. Additionally, the coupe featured independent suspension all round: at the front MacPherson struts and lower wishbones anchored to an auxiliary crossbeam, offset coil springs and anti roll bar; at the rear, trailing arms mounted on an auxiliary subframe, coil springs and an anti roll bar. Viewing welcome please feel free to call