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1969 Morris Minor

0333 344 2329
ID 8348

Nr Sudbury  

1960 four-door saloon, almond green, with original working (flip-up) traffic indicators. Cylinder capacity 940cc Body completely taken apart and rebuilt in 2000, with new leather seating installed (a photographic record of this rebuild exists). In 2006 the engine was completely stripped down, rebored to take new cylinders, and the head converted to work on lead-free petrol. Since the rebuild the car has been kept in a garage and used regularly. Good condition. Mileage before rebuild: 44,000. Mileage at engine rebuild: 50,000. Mileage now: 70,000. A photographic record of the rebuild, with a collection of spare parts, will be sold with the vehicle.


There's a Minor to suit all budgets, good to drive, brilliant parts and specialist back-up, A-series powered ones are easily tuned to stay up with modern traffic, classic flatulent exhaust note